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Engagement Ring Trends: What Rings Brides-to-Be Will Be Wearing in 2020

engagement ring trends 2010 | Shimansky


Engagement rings are traditionally a symbol of love and commitment. But as engagement ring trends show us (in all their sparkling glory), they’ve also evolved into a platform for couples to express their individuality. Here’s a roundup on the hottest engagement ring trends we’ll be seeing in 2020.


Stacking: Multiple Rings Make A Statement


Engagement rings are designed to be worn with other rings. After all, on a wedding day, they're partnered with a wedding band. We’ll be seeing this concept taken a step further with two or more bands worn on either side of engagement rings. Eternity rings or embellished bands bookending an engagement ring make a style statement, but they also give the flexibility to dress your engagement ring up or down to suit the occasion.


It's also an excellent solution for those who choose to wear a family heirloom engagement ring. Complementing the ring with additional new rings that feature contemporary diamond cuts can enhance a traditional cut ring, giving a more dynamic, layered look. The concept of layering an engagement ring is wonderfully playful. It’s blown open the concept of engagement rings, and in 2020, we'll see the newly-married investing in not one, but two or three engagement rings that are designed to be worn together. In this case, more is definitely more.

 engagement ring trends 2010 | Shimansky


Clustering: Meet the Double Diamond


Mixing diamonds of different shapes and sizes together is the ultimate expression of creativity. Each cut has its own look and reacts with light uniquely. A combination of diamond cuts on an engagement ring makes for a mesmerizing, and playful, choice.


Emily Ratajkowski’s stunning ensemble, presented to her by husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2018, was the perfect choice for this taboo-breaking model. It featured a teardrop-cut diamond and a princess-cut diamond resting on a thin gold band. The couple designed it together and now that they’ve tied the knot it rests alongside a chunky, rose gold wedding band.


Her clustered engagement ring is a quirky move away from the three-stone diamond rings we’ve often seen before, and Emily revealed she loved the way the ‘architecture’ of the two stones worked together for impact. The double diamond engagement ring is indeed a masterpiece. What sets it apart from cluster diamond rings we’ve seen in the past is that the ring features two equally sized (and admittedly large) stones. In 2020 we’ll see this trend taken further with diamonds paired with other like-sized gems.

 engagement ring trends 2010 | Shimansky


Bespoke: Making It Your Own


When royalty picks out an engagement ring, it’s bound to set the trend for years to come. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring graces a gorgeous Trilogy Ring. Her ring is already setting the tone for engagement ring trends in 2020 in the same way her mother-in-law Princess Diana did decades ago.


Harry chose to honor his mother by using two diamonds from Diana’s personal collection, together with a stone he handpicked. The central cushion-cut diamond was bought by Harry in Botswana. Africa is close to Harry's heart, so having a diamond chosen from the continent he considers to be his second home adds a sentimental edge to the ring.


In another break from recent tradition, Meghan chose to replace the gold band with a string of small sparkling diamonds after the birth of baby Archie. It’s yet another way the Duchess made her mark with her choices. In 2020 we’ll be seeing engagement rings that tell the couple’s story as well as sealing their bond.


Meghan’s move has also broken a taboo that rings can’t be changed and updated over time. Jewelers can expect a new wave of women with engagement rings that they want to be reinvented. We change with time, why can’t our rings? It makes sense actually because as a woman ages her style evolves too. A ring that worked for her in her 20s can be reworked into a new metal or style that’s more in line with her current look. A modern take on Meghan’s ring would be the Double Halo Ring by Shimansky, with a slim 18K gold pave band, central round brilliant cut stone, and a double layer of micro set diamonds surrounding it.

 engagement ring trends 2010 | Shimansky


Shapes: Beyond the Circle


Fancy cut diamonds (the term used for any type of cut that’s not round) will also make themselves known in a big way. Justin Bieber’s engagement ring for Hailey made its debut on the cover of Vogue and certainly was worthy of headlines it made. The approximately-6ct oval shaped diamond is set in gold prongs and is undeniably eye-catching.


Oval diamond rings have to be perfectly proportioned to achieve this level of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. An oval is generally polished with 56 facets. Elongated shapes, such as the pear-shaped stunners seen on Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande’s engagement rings also come with a twist. The unusual shape creates an optical illusion that makes the diamond look bigger than it really is. Octagons, lozenges, kite-shaped diamonds… geometry has never been so cool thanks to these engagement ring trends we’ll see more of in 2020. An truly exciting – and individual – style of ring must include the flamboyant Flamenco ring by Shimansky, made of a series of eight pear shaped diamonds, and two round brilliant cuts.

 engagement ring trends 2010 | Shimansky


Clean Cut: Plain and Simple


She’s racked up a few of them in her time, but it’s irrefutable that Jennifer Lopez’s engagement rings show she has impeccable taste in jewelry. Her latest treasure (gifted by fiancé Alex Rodriguez) made its public debut when she was in Paris while attending a Dior fashion show.


The emerald-cut diamond is notable because the cuts have long and narrow facets. The majority of diamonds are cut with small, brilliant facets. JLo's ring is designed to create what's known as the ‘hall of mirrors effect'. As the diamond catches the light, it creates flashes of white and dark planes within each facet. The flat surface of the diamond highlights its clarity.


While the style of diamond cut is set to hit the pop charts in 2020, it's far from modern. In fact, it's a pretty ancient cut. The style dates back to the 1500s where it was initially used when cutting emeralds. In the 1920s is launched into popularity as a cut for diamond rings and in 2020 it's set to make a massive comeback. The ‘emerald cut' (as it's now known) is very versatile thanks to its simplicity, and several settings work well with this shape. It can be lifted to new heights with a halo of diamonds, but we think the JLo nailed it by sticking to a single stone.

 engagement ring trends 2010 | Shimansky


Pave: Surrounding A Stone with Love


Halo diamond rings, where the central stone in the engagement ring is surrounded by smaller diamonds, certainly aren’t new. Neither are pave bands. However, thanks to some outstanding celeb-spiration, we'll see them interpreted in new ways in 2020.


Brittany Snow’s engagement ring is sensationally simple – a round brilliant solitaire diamond – surrounded with a thin pave band, very similar to this Shimansky Victoria Micro Set Solitaire Ring. Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver added her own twist by choosing a ring set on two, inter-linking diamond-encrusted bands, like this Shimansky Split-Shank Halo Ring.


Katy Perry's loud and luscious ring from Orlando Bloom couldn't be more different thanks to its central vivid pink diamond. But it's the halo of diamonds (each one a whopper in its own right) that marks the trend. By surrounding the hero stone with diamonds (as in a halo or pave), the supporting stones throw light towards it. The result? A mesmerizing play of light on an engagement ring, and something we know we'll see heading down the aisle in multiple modern interpretations in 2020.


Discover Your Perfect Engagement Ring


Choosing an engagement ring with your partner can be an enriching and poignant start to the journey you’re embarking on together. Shimansky has a breath-taking selection of diamond engagement rings, with many cuts to choose from. These include the patented My Girl diamond cut and the Brilliant 10 diamond, considered to be the most brilliant cut diamond in the world. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom or book a consultation with a Shimansky expert.