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Beautiful and one-of-a-kind, the woman of your dreams is unique in every way. Perfect for expressing your love and devotion, and capturing a special moment like your engagement or anniversary.

A South African First

The world’s first square-cut diamond with a diamond-shaped table, the My Girl Diamond cut was pioneered by Yair Shimansky after three years of research and development. It was the first internationally patented cut to originate from South Africa, making it a truly unique creation that cannot be bought anywhere else in the world.
Only local South African diamonds are used for the My Girl cut: hand-selected by a Shimansky expert directly from a South African mine, you can rest assured that only the finest quality diamonds were chosen for your My Girl Diamond jewellery creation.


What makes the My Girl Diamond unique is that is can only be polished from a “crystal” shaped rough diamond, which in its natural form, resembles two joined pyramids. 

This shape is exceptionally rare in nature, thus there are very few rough diamonds that can be polished to achieve the My Girl cut.
Just like a relationship requires sacrifice and compromise to grow and last a lifetime, as much as half of the rough diamond is sacrificed to become a My Girl Diamond. But, like in so many of life’s situations, the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the reward.

The Essence of Pure Romance

The value of a My Girl Diamond lies not only in its rarity, design, or beauty: it lies in the precious moment it captures.

Celebrating your love and commitment, a My Girl jewellery creation is a testament to the love you share, and a magical reminder of a treasured moment spent together. Re-live your happiest memories with every glance at the beautiful jewellery creation you hold so dear to your heart.
The essence of romance and beauty, the My Girl Diamond is the symbol of infinite love and devotion. Like the love it represents, it is a unique design of exquisite beauty, dazzling with the most incredible brilliance. Representing an eternal love and commitment between two people, the My Girl diamond will catch your eye at a first glance, and capture your heart the moment it is presented to you by the one you love. Its beauty is undeniable, and its spellbinding qualities are indescribable, but the true brilliance of the My Girl diamond is only realised when it is worn by the one it was meant for. True brilliance is brought to life and made yours in the majestic My Girl Diamond.

The New York City Showroom at night.

Reflecting Light with Every Move You Make

Beautiful and one-of-a-kind, the woman of your dreams is unique in every way imagineable. 

Expressing your love and devotion, and capturing a special moment like your engagement or anniversary, is the beginning of the ultimate romantic quest: to find the perfect diamond that matches her sparkling personality, and mesmerises her the way that she mesmerises you.
Just like the woman of your dreams, the Shimansky My Girl Diamond is in a class of its own. A unique cut founded in South Africa, it catches light with every movement, and with the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation, it delivers a mesmerising dance of light in an exclusive square cut diamond.

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Bespoke Design Made
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