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Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most popular destinations in the world with a myriad of premium offerings. This is especially true when it comes to shopping. Home to Shimansky, The Mother City has some of the best engagement ring stores  in the world, making it a destination of choice for many discerning designer jewelry shoppers. With more than ten jewelry design patents, and more than five international diamond cut patents, Shimansky has become one of the most recognized and revered jewelry brands in South Africa, and the world. Our jewelry showrooms offer discerning shoppers a wide selection of iconic diamond and tanzanite creations that have been meticulously handcrafted to perfection. If you desire to take home a true South African treasure, our Cape Town jewelry guide has everything you need to know on how to shop for the best designer jewelry – from conflict-free engagement rings to iconic diamond souvenirs and rare tanzanite creations.

Whether you are in search of an iconic South African diamond creation or you are engagement ring shopping together as a couple, Shimansky has a jewelry creation that will speak to your heart. Visit our jewelry showroom in the V&A Waterfront Clock Tower Building to experience the beauty of South Africa’s most valuable treasure.


 Jewelry Guide To Cape Town: Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

My Africa Collection


The Africa continent is known for its rich cultures, breathtaking landmarks and for the incredible gifts from deep inside the Earth, diamonds. Africa’s riches are celebrated in a unique design brought to life in the My Africa ring collection. The extraordinary Tip of Africa ring, by Shimansky, showcases the spectacular outline of the African continent. Cape Point, a magical location at the base of the continent, marks where two oceans meet – the cold Atlantic Ocean and the warm Indian Ocean; much like technical precision meets passion and craftsmanship in a Shimansky original.


Similar to the breathtaking view from the base of the continent, the ring flaunts the interplay of nature, the winds and the sea currents, like no other place on Earth. This exceptional designer jewelry creation is a magnificent souvenir that takes the beauty of nature from the tip of Africa, to your finger.


 Jewelry Guide To Cape Town: Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

Ayanda – The Queen of Tanzanite Collection


Many consider tanzanite to have the finest shade of blue in the world; a royal hue fit for a queen that is even more impressive than the blue of a sapphire. This exquisite gemstone is highly sought after – not only due to its mesmerizing color, but especially due to its rarity. Tanzanite is a thousand times more rare than a diamond and can only be found along a 4km strip of land in Tanzania, the only known source of tanzanite in the world. Tanzanite is arguably one of the most desirable gemstones for discerning designer jewelry shoppers, and when presented in an iconic design that has been handcrafted to perfection, even more so.


Shimansky’s Ayanda Queen of Tanzanite collection is crafted with superb quality certified tanzanite sourced directly from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. Sourcing directly from Tanzania affords the unique opportunity to hand-select the most recently mined tanzanite, and to choose only the finest quality stones. These precious stones are polished into a variety of unusual cuts that bring out the brilliance and the unique qualities of tanzanite. Set in contemporary, yet timeless designs, Shimansky Queen of Tanzanite creations are available in white gold, with or without diamonds. Bespoke tanzanite jewelry creations can also be created upon request, allowing you to own the tanzanite creation of your dreams.


 Jewelry Guide To Cape Town: Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

The Iconic Millennium Collection


Couples often ask us how to choose a diamond engagement ring that is timeless. We believe that an iconic design is one that lives well beyond a period in which it would be considered “fashionable.” One such design is the signature Millennium diamond ring, an original Shimansky design that has become one of the most coveted and sought after diamond engagement rings for women in South Africa. The Shimansky Millennium ring features a dazzling Shimansky diamond in a design that emphasizes the diamond’s fire and scintillation. The iconic design is made up of two bands that represent the coming together of two lives. The bands are joined together by a breathtaking diamond in the middle – a symbol of forever. Matching designer Millennium earrings, pendants and wedding bands complete the iconic Millennium collection


 Jewelry Guide To Cape Town: Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

My Girl Collection


Discerning shoppers who know how to choose an engagement ring pay special attention to the diamond. The My Girl Solitaire Ring features the first internationally patented diamond cut to originate in South Africa – the My Girl diamond. This exquisite ring is not only one of the most popular engagement rings for women in South Africa, but is sought-after all over the world. The perfectly proportioned My Girl diamond cut was developed by Shimansky after three years of research and development into specific light dispersion. Just like the woman of your dreams, the Shimansky My Girl diamond is one-of-a-kind. The unique eight-sided square diamond cut reflects light from every angle and with every move, offering the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation. It’s a world first and exclusive to Shimansky. The My Girl engagement ring is complemented by a range of wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants, making up the complete My Girl collection.


 Jewelry Guide To Cape Town: Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

Conflict-Free Engagement Rings


We often get asked how to choose an engagement ring that is conflict free. Engagement ring shopping together as a couple is a special time. The engagement ring you choose will be a symbol of your love forever, which is why we believe that the diamond should be ethically sourced. But what are ethical diamonds or conflict-free diamonds? Ethical diamonds follow a journey from mine to finger that is done in an ethical, responsible manner. None of the proceeds are used to fund illegal activity, and human rights regulations are adhered to without any exploitation along the diamond’s journey.


Shimansky diamond creations all have a 100% conflict-free guarantee. Unique among jewelers, Shimansky has the privilege to source diamonds directly from South African mines, which gives us complete control over every stage in the diamond’s journey. We know exactly where our diamonds come from and are proud to source, cut and polish our own diamonds – diamonds, which later become the centerpiece in a Shimansky jewelry design, yours to treasure now and for generations to come.


If you are engagement ring shopping together while in Cape Town, you will be pleased to know that Shimansky has a wide range of conflict-free engagement rings to choose from that will become a symbol of love that will last forever.


 Jewelry Guide To Cape Town: Shop For The Best Designer Jewelry in Cape Town

Shop the Finest Designer Jewelry at Shimansky


Shimansky ranks among the best engagement ring stores in the world. Each Shimansky designer jewelry collection tells its own unique story: from the iconic Millennium collection to the spellbinding My Girl Diamond collection. Whether you are in search of conflict-free engagement rings, an iconic Shimansky design from one of our original collections, or a bespoke diamond or tanzanite creation to suit your unique taste, we have something that will speak to your heart. Visit our Clock Tower jewelry showroom in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town or any of our other elite jewelry showrooms to experience the beauty of South Africa’s most valuable shimmering treasure.