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Finding the perfect jewelry creation that speaks to your heart is a rewarding experience, one that we would be delighted to guide you on.


If you would like to call us, and speak to one of our expert diamond consultants, please call us Toll Free on 1-800-601-0783, if you are calling from within the United States, or on +1-212-685-7367. Or if you would like to contact us via the live chat facility, please click on the bubble at the bottom right of this page, and leave your details.


Or, if you would like to detail your request in email, please complete the form. We are here to assist you.  

Some of the most popular inquiries we receive are the ones in which we are asked to explain what all the technical details of the gemstones and metals mean – and what are the best choices are to make within your scope of search or budget. How to choose an engagement ring is another frequent question, that we are always delighted to answer – romantics, all of us!


We can also often trace the original provenance of the stones and metals for you so that you can be assured that you have an entirely ethically sourced treasure, and assist you in getting fresh certificates if you have misplaced yours. Whatever you need, we are here to assist you and make this journey an experience as beautiful as the creation you choose.


One of the extremely helpful consultants will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you with whatever you need.