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A bespoke 5ct diamond engagement ring design

The Art of Design

A beautiful jewelry creation is born out of a partnership between master craftsman, technical precision and design excellence. The art of design lies not only in form and function, but also in creating a symbol of love and devotion that becomes part of you and stands the test of time.

The journey of a Shimansky diamond begins with an uncut stone sourced direct from mine to finger. Each uncut diamond is hand-selected for its unique characteristics before it is cut and polished in house by Shimansky's team of master diamond cutters and polishers.

Like the earth from which it is formed, a rough diamond belies its true nature; it can appear cloudy, its angles asymmetrical. But to the skilled eye of a Shimansky master craftsman, the beauty within is unmistakable. A diamond in its rough form has potential. Its size simply a promise of what might be. Only in the hands of a master craftsman does a diamond realize its true potential. Using state-of-the-art technology, the rough diamond is analyzed and skillfully marked so as to yield the highest quality possible, sacrificing quality over size.

Only the finest gold and platinum is used by the Shimansky team of master goldsmiths to create mesmerizing jewelry creations that speak to your heart and stand the test of time. Innovative designs and superior artistry come to life through the latest modern laser technology combined with traditional hand craftsmanship.