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Book a Diamond Experience Tour in New York

We are open for appointments scheduled in advance. For your health and safety, a maximum of two adults are welcome per appointment. Our showroom is sterilized before and after each appointment.

To book, please contact us directly by text to 9179710278 or email to


Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky Jewelers

Over 3 billion years ago, diamonds were formed deep beneath the earth. Their value and rarity speaks to these incredible origins and how they have come to symbolize so much to people today. Now you can discover the history – especially of how the modern diamond rush began in Kimberley, South Africa, in 1867 - and how it led to the evolution of the whole world of diamonds at the Shimansky Diamond Experience in New York City.

 Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky

You are welcome to book an appointment to visit our Shimansky Showroom on 5th Avenue to take this tour and enjoy our showroom hospitality. The luxurious surrounds are a calm and indulgent respite from the chaos of the City, and the views out over it are incredible. We offer delicious wines from our country of origin, South Africa. And would be delighted to welcome you to chat with us about your diamond dreams.

 Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky

Come and get inspired around unique jewelry gifting for your loved ones, including exclusive one-of-a-kind creations, mementos from your travels and rare finds. Take the opportunity on booking below, to tell us about any special needs or interests you may have, or pieces that have already piqued your curiosity. The more detailed you are, the more we can tailor the whole experience around you and your needs.

 Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky