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2020 Guide to Selecting your Diamond Engagement Ring | Shimansky

By the time you reach the time in your life when you're ready to get engaged, you've got a pretty good idea of what clothes suit you. You've nailed the styles and look that complement your body and your personality through trial and error. Choosing a wedding dress doesn't involve too much drama because you've already got a picture of what will suit you. And the wedding dress you always dreamed of wearing.


But when we decide on an engagement ring, it's new territory. It can be overwhelming to choose a rind design, the shape or cut of a diamond, the ring's design, and once you've picked your dream piece, how do you even know if it will suit you? We break down the steps to make it easier to find 'the one' perfect for you.


 How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

Go Armed with References

Before you even hit a jewelry store, do your homework. Look at what your friends are wearing and their comments. Get a sense of the styles and shapes that resonate with you, A ring that it is you, and will have on every day of your life. Do you want a Solitaire Engagement Ring or additional diamonds around the central diamonds? Known as Halo Design? Will the ring be the right fit? Will you wear your wedding band next to the Engagement Ring? If your answer is yes, you better off with a raised diamond to allow space for the band. 


You could even ask close friends and family if you could try on their engagement rings to see what they look and feel on your fingers. Take your lifestyle and hobbies into consideration. If you work with your hands a lot, a chunky ring may not work for you. Ideally, you want a piece you can wear all the time without removing it daily to accomplish your tasks. A Comfort Fit Shank will fit like a glove, mostly if made from Platinum.

 How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

Know Your Hands Style and Finger.

Like body shapes, we're all born with unique finger types that vary in length, width, and bone structures. Choosing a ring to complement your hands and fingers is pretty easy when you know what you're looking for.

Diamonds are cut and polished into a spectrum of shapes. Before you get too caught up on which will suit you, decide on the diamond shape and size that speaks to you. The most popular diamond shape is the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond that will suit any finger type. The same with the Cushion-Cut and the My Girl Diamond shape, If you want to make your finger look longer by bit, an Oval or Emerald Cut Diamonds will be a right choice, and for the one who has a long finger, a Pear Shape or Marquise shape Diamonds will do the job. Your Engagement Rings need to fit like a glove and become a part of you. Each Diamond Shape and Cut one comes with unique qualities and caricature. An experienced jeweler like Shimansky will talk you through your options and recommend the perfect diamond and ring style. You can always text us to +1-917-971 0278 an image of your hand and diamond size idea for FREE advice. 


How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

If You Have Regular Fingers

If regular finger shape describes your fingers, consider you have all the available options of diamond cut and shapes, depending on the diamond's size. An elongated shape diamond will draw the eye upwards towards the fingertips, giving the illusion of longer fingers. Like the Ova, Marquise, Pear Shape, and Emerald Cut Diamonds.

For regular fingers shape but not necessarily slender, a Round, My Girl, Cushion shape diamond will work beautifully. 

Any other Diamond shape will work with the right size consideration to maintain the best proportions.

Explore Engagement Rings with different diamond shapes.



How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

If You Have Long Fingers

Lucky you! Like a tall supermodel, your fingers work with most styles of diamonds. However, you want to strike the right balance when it comes to the diamond size and ring style. A larger Round Cut Diamond or a wideband will look perfect. You can mix things up too. If you're set on an elongated diamond-like Pear Shape Diamond Ring or an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, consider a Halo Style Engagement Ring or any other Diamond Shape that you love. Princess-Cut Engagement Rings if you like the pointy square look, in that case, the My Girl Diamond Cut is the much better choice with more fire, brilliance, and scintillation. 

If you want something more rounded yet sparkly, try a cushion cut diamond. The corners are soft and round and give off a vintage vibe, with incredible light dispersing features. Want to have some fun? Tap into the stacked trend and wear multiple rings together, such as Eternity Rings on either side of your Engagement Ring.


How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

If You Have Slightly Wide Fingers

You want to achieve two things if you have slightly wide fingers. You want an engagement ring that creates balance and makes them appear longer yet maintaining the right proportion. Because your finger allows for a larger diamond, you can pull off a large diamond with large carat sizes and wide bands or a Halo to Double Halo Engagement Ring. Avoid narrow or petite rings that will look to small on your finger. You could go for the option of a Cluster Diamonds Engagement Ring, such as a three-stone engagement ring, which will work with your hands.

Elongated, rectangular Emerald Cut diamonds are considered to be the 'little black dress' of diamonds. They make the finger appear longer and more slender. Try out Round Cut Diamond, Marquise Shape, and Square Emeralds Cut Diamond, too, as they may work for you. Take care when you're choosing the band the diamond is mounted on. If you want a wide band, ensure it narrows as it comes closer to the diamond.


How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

Picking the Perfect Metal

Selecting a precious metal that flatters your hands for the ring setting is as important as choosing the diamond. The most important is if you like the White, Yellow, or Rose color. If you want the White Color, Platinum is by far the best choice we will recommend for your engagement ring due to its superior caricatures and being hyper allergy. Platinum is the most precious metal for jewelry and will hold your diamond secure, elegant. If you like Yellow or Rose Gold and can set your diamond in a Platinum setting, it will be the right choice. We recommend using for Yellow or Rose Gold 18 Karat for your ring, 75% of pure Gold mixed with other metals.


You are welcome to send us an image of your hands for a free recommendation for the diamond shape and size to suit your hands, and in line with your budget, we design and manufacture all our ring in house and will be privileged to work with you in making your Engagement Ring Dream come to life feel free to text to +1 917 9710278 or contact us 



 How Do I Know What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me | Shimansky

Design Your Own Ring

Once you've figured out what you think will suit you, make it a reality, and try on rings. The image you have in your head doesn't beat experimenting with your options in the real world. You want your ring to look right, but also feel good on your finger. The diamond cuts you had in mind may feel too chunky when they're fitted. Or, you may have your heart set on a delicate ring but realize you can pull off a more dramatic number. If you make your way to New York, you are welcome to visit us and try different Engagement Rings to experience for yourself.  book a free appointment.


There's another significant thing to consider when you're choosing an engagement ring. The option to get involved in the ring design and work with us to craft the perfect ring just for you. From selecting the diamond that suits you better to the metal type, ring style, and design to the smallest detail. You can also write a special date and message inside the ring.

You Can consult with us by phone, virtual meeting, or in person. We will help you every step of designing, craft, and delivering your Dream Engagement Ring just the way you want. We helped many couples in designing the perfect Engagement Ring and will be more than happy to help you with your own personal journey. 

Once you've figured out what suits you, ask your partner to make the final choice, perhaps? After all, when he pops the question having the ring as a surprise will add priceless memories to the experience.

Contact us to start your unique quest.



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If you're looking for an engagement ring that will suit you, Shimansky has a breath-taking selection of diamond engagement rings, with many cuts to choose from. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom or book a consultation with a Shimansky expert who will be able to talk you through the options that are most flattering for you. We also design bespoke rings, so we will consider all the factors that make an engagement ring suit you altogether.