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Shimansky presenting at the Salon Art + Design New York

Discover our sustainable jewelry designs set to feature at Salon Art + Design with Vogue Italia’s Protagonists in New York from November 14 - 18


World-renowned for fine jewelry designs and diamond manufacturing, Shimansky’s iconic and uniquely African creations are set to shine bright at the exclusive Salon Art New York 2019. The prestigious event returns for its eighth edition at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City from November 14 – 18. During the Salon Art + Design exhibition, leading art and design galleries from 14 countries will exhibit a highly curated mix of historic and contemporary collectible design and fine art. The collectible pieces, including CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky’s original designs, were selected to feature in the special exhibition The Protagonist, curated by Vogue Italia and led by Alexandra Mor, artistic director, and haute jewelry designer.


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The piece selected by Vogue Italia Protagonist for Salon Art New York 2019, from the Shimansky Ayanda, Queen of Tanzanite collection, a 27-carat round tanzanite ring, is a shining example of sustainable, contemporary jewelry design. The piece was selected based on the quality and groundbreaking design that bring together luxury, geographical diversity, and artistry, and it holds its own in the context of other unique works of art at the exhibition. As with all tanzanite jewelry, it’s destined to become an heirloom and collector’s item.


A Rare Design from Africa


Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


The tanzanite ring features a round brilliant cut iridescent tanzanite gemstone held in 18-carat South African gold and a cascade of 2.3 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds. The diamonds bring more than an aesthetic superiority to the design of the ring; they offset the Tanzanite's beautiful deep color. 


Introducing the Shimansky Desert Rose Ring




Another remarkable jewerly piece to make waves at the Salon Art + Design event is the Desert Rose, a perfect example of a sustainable jewelry design. The breathtakingly beautiful Shimansky original is the perfect combination of ethically sourced diamonds direct from the South African mine, along with a Desert Rose crystal from Namibia.



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The Art of Craft


Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


Shimansky Jeweler’s Founder & CEO, Yair Shimansky’s constant pursuit of perfection has led to the contemporary design of several patented diamond cuts and iconic jewelry creations you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The true beauty of a Shimansky creation is in its details and the diamond jewelry design’s unique ability to capture and treasure those unforgettable memories and special moments in your life. 


Shimansky Jewelry consists of traditional craftsmanship and exceptional design using the latest technology. For added quality purposes each diamond is cut and polished in-house at our two diamond workshops in Cape Town, by the hands of our master craftsmen. The diamonds are then set into breathtakingly beautiful creations of jewelry expertly crafted from the finest South African platinum and gold. 


With more than two decades in the diamond industry, Shimansky has proven to be the top diamond experts and platinum specialists. As one of the top jewelry manufacturers, Shimansky specializes in platinum and 18K gold, ethically sourced from the South African mines.


Leaders of Sustainable Jewelry & Responsible Sourcing





Recognizing his impact on the jewelry and manufacturing industry, Yair Shimansky is committed to only using ethically sourced South African diamonds and tanzanite as well us sustainable jewelry designs and South Africa’s precious metals. Our diamonds are a direct source from the South African mines in the Kimberley region, the home of the ‘Big Hole’.  Each diamond hand-selected to create mindful and sustainable jewelry designs for generations to come.  


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The My Girl Diamond  


Like you, the My Girl diamond cut is a unique creation you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Known as the world’s first square-cut diamond with a diamond shaped table, the My Girl Diamond Cut was developed and created by CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky after three years of intensive research. Only 100% ethically South African diamonds are used for the Shimansky My Girl Diamond Cut to ensure you receive the finest quality diamond you can treasure for many more years to come. The My Girl is also handcrafted in-house using the latest specialist diamond jewelry technology and the knowledge of skillful craftsmen. View the one-of-kind My Girl diamond cut and Shimansky original up close at our Showroom on Fifth Avenue.


The Millennium Collection


Iconic by design, the Millennium is one of the world’s most coveted diamond ring creation and a Shimansky original. The two bands represent the coming together of two lives, while the diamond in the middle becomes the symbol of everlasting love and commitment. The Millennium is truly the mark of everlasting love and a designer diamond jewelry design for a woman with classic and elegant style. Explore our signature Millennium collection today.



Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


The Rise of Tanzanite Jewelry


While diamonds have long been coveted for their rarity and inherent sparkle, in 1967, an even more rare gem was discovered. In Northern Tanzania, at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain on the continent, a geological phenomenon was unearthed. A blue gem, which was confirmed to be a variety of the mineral zoisite by geologists, was discovered in a 4km strip of land by the Maasai tribe.


The name ‘tanzanite’, given to the discovery, was chosen to honor its country of origin. It’s estimated that tanzanite formed over 550 million years ago. Nothing similar to the small vein of tanzanite where they are found has ever been discovered elsewhere, and the finite resource is expected to be exhausted within 20 years. 


 Salon Art New York | Shimansky


What sets this blue gem apart (besides its rarity) is that it is what is known as ‘trichroic’. This means it displays three different colors when viewed from each of its crystallographic axes, namely blue, violet, and red. What this means for jewelry designers is that the precious material presents a range of vibrant royal blues to delicate shades of violet and hues of red once cut and polished.


Shimansky designer, Yair Shimansky, was inspired by tanzanite the minute he came across them, and so began a career-long love affair working with the gem. He saw the potential in them as the cornerstone of eye-catching jewelry designs. However, from his workshop and showroom in Cape Town, Yair also saw the need to work with the local Maasai tribes of Tanzania, the original landowners, and caretakers of the stones. His aim was to ensure the limited resource was sourced both ethically and with environmental sensitivity. The gems are hand-cut from the earth to retain the integrity of the environment and reduce the impact the industry has on the sensitive landscape.


 Salon Art New York | Shimansky


Yair’s philosophy for sourcing tanzanites for his Ayanda Queen of Tanzanite collection, and other bespoke collectibles is to source directly from the tribe, hand-selecting the most recently mined Tanzanite, and to choose only the finest quality stones for his ethical and conflict-free tanzanite jewelry.

He affords the stone the same stringent standards of quality selection and professionalism as he does with his choice of diamonds that are used for Shimansky's exclusive variety of jewelry and custom designs. Each tanzanite gemstone is personally chosen and graded from the artisanal mines by Yair before they are used in his jewelry designs. They come with certification to confirm the quality of the Tanzanite's color, clarity, cut, and authenticity



Bespoke Designs at Fifth Avenue


Our diamond jewelry creations are of the highest quality and specially made for you, at our jewelry design studios in Cape Town and New York. We personally invite you to visit our interactive studios and witness your dream creation come to life. Book your appointment with the Founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky and received expert advice today.


Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


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