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Shimansky at New York Jewelry Week November 2019

Shimansky Jewelry and Diamonds to collaborate with New York Jewelry Week 2019


This November, Shimansky has been invited to join the outstanding line-up of exceptional exhibitors at Salon Art + Design; a first for South African jewelers. The prestigious event will take place from 14-18 November, presenting the world’s best designs. Shimansky is also participating with New York Jewelry Week 2019 that will take place on 18th-24th November 2019. The exclusive event will showcase a glimpse behind the engaging and fascinating world of New York jewelry in the jewelry district of the world.


After the highly anticipating event, Shimansky welcomes jewelry lovers from around the world to visit our exclusive design studio and exceptional jewelry showroom on Fifth Avenue, New York. When you book an appointment with Shimansky, you will also be treated to a glass of South Africa’s fines wine and personal consultation to introduce you to the diamonds and tanzanite hand-selected by CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky as well as his unique jewelry design collections. The 60-90-minute experience in the Shimansky 5th Avenue Showroom is one of the newest and unique experiences for jewelry lovers in Manhattan and beyond.


 Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


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Iconic by Design  


Renowned for his bespoke designs and highly innovative diamond cuts, Yair Shimansky wanted to build a creative bridge between his famed Cape Town studio and the other side of the hemisphere. Now, from the elegant and newly opened showroom pristinely located on Fifth Avenue in New York, the brand is introducing its unique designs to a wider audience of collectors and connoisseurs. Besides his famed signature cut diamonds, Yair Shimansky is known iconic jewelry designs such as the iconic Millennium ring.


 Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


The Millennium is an icon of scarcity, history, craftsmanship and CEO, Yair Shimansky’s precise artistic vision. His striking designs are proof of his inexhaustible drive to innovate. “Designing jewelry is both challenging and exhilarating,” he says. The Millennium diamond engagement ring is a true masterpiece and a Shimansky original. The two bands represent the coming together of two lives, joined by a beautiful diamond in the middle that becomes a symbol of everlasting love. 


Visitors to the New York Shimansky showroom can observe the creation of these sophisticated temptations. The romantic shimmer of a diamond is the result of how light bounces off the diamond. When one angle is altered, the polisher compensates by changing another. “The work is very specialised,” Shimansky explains. “The optics of the diamond is improved to maximise brilliance. I call it the art of shaping light.” The facets of a carefully polished diamond create different intensities, shapes, and contrasts. “Facet by facet we maximise the diamond’s potential,” he says. “As we polish, it is unveiled.”


From Cape Town to New York


Shimansky has proven to be one of the top jewelry manufacturers and platinum specialist in the world. Known for our contemporary, classic and timeless creations, Shimansky is home to the most sought-after and exclusive diamond and tanzanite jewelry designs. Both the iconic Millennium diamond ring and the breathtakingly beautiful My Girl diamond, are exceptional examples of the signature designs Shimansky delivers direct from mine to finger at our two diamond cutting and polishing workshop in Cape Town.


Vogue Italia’s Protagonists at the Salon Art + Design| Shimansky


Shimansky continues to deliver a wide variety of innovative jewelry creations and engagement rings for jewelry lovers around the world, using the magic and beauty of Africa’s most precious treasures: diamonds, tanzanite, platinum, and gold, ethically sourced direct from the mines.


The Shimansky Brand Origin


The Shimansky story started in 1991 with CEO and Founder, Yair, who arrived in South Africa after spending two years in Japan. After humble beginnings as a flea market stallholder on the Durban beachfront, Yair opened his first jewelry store in South Africa 1994; a meaningful milestone in the Shimansky journey. Today, the Shimansky team consists of over 200 employees, with stores located in major cities across South Africa, including a new and exciting jewelry Showroom on Fifth Avenue, New York.


With Shimansky’s constant pursuit for perfection, a hands-on approach is taken to deliver high-quality designer diamond jewelry. In order to create the best value diamond engagement rings in New York along with exceptional jewelry designs, each Shimansky diamond is ethically sourced from mine to finger. To assure a diamond reaches its full potential, each Shimansky creation is cut and polished in-house at our workshop in Cape Town.



Bespoke Design, Specially for You


In less than a year, Shimansky has proven to be one of the top jewelry designers in New York. From Shimansky is one of the world’s top platinum specialists offering exclusive New York jewelry in the renowned jewelry district. Like you, each diamond jewelry design and engagement ring are made to represent your own unique personality and style. Shimansky offers bespoke manufacturing and a one-of-kind opportunity to design your own ring. Our exclusive offers include the following:


  • Expert advice from CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky himself
  • Bring your bespoke design to life in only 3 days
  • We offer worldwide shipping
  • Our diamonds ethically sourced direct from mine to finger
  • Exclusive diamond jewelry designs and patented diamond cuts

Designed and created in the heart of Cape Town, each one-of-a-kind Shimansky jewelry creation is cut and polished in-house by our skillful craftsmen. With an exceptional eye to detail and quality, our designs have made us the top jewelry designers in New York. Book a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the CEO and Founder, who will personally guide you on your own and exclusive Shimansky diamond design.


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