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Why More Women Are Buying Their Own Jewelry

Why More Women Are Buying Their Own Diamond Jewelry


Buying a diamond creation that speaks to your heart is more than exhilarating, it’s empowering. Like Ariana Grande would say, “I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it”. There’s nothing quite like buying that one (or two) diamond jewelry items that you love. Like we said, you saw the iconic design, you liked it, you bought it. And why not? Designer diamond jewelry that best expresses oneself equals pure happiness, right? Diamond jewelry is more than a representation of your love and commitment, it’s an expression of you, the wearer. For that, and many other reasons, more and more women have started purchasing their own diamond creations.

 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

While buying and receiving designer diamond jewellery as a token of your love and commitment is still a thing, most women love buying designer diamond jewellery as gift for themselves, and wait for it, others. According to the De Beers Annual Diamond Insights Report 2018, single women increased their average spend on diamond jewelry, buying more jewelry with multiple diamonds and a higher number of carats. That’s right! In this case, size does matter and for that sales to single women continue to grow sales in total.


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 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

Women’s Spending Power Is Increasing

Global diamond sales rose to US$80 billion in 2016. While these figures were mainly bolstered by demand from the United States, the world’s biggest diamond consumer, women purchasing diamond jewelry for themselves are proving a game-changer. Statistics show that self-purchase of diamond jewelry continued to rise – particularly among younger women – reaching one-third of all pieces acquired in the US.


Another fun fact, women’s self-purchase of diamond jewelry has grown from 23% to nearly 40% of the total market in this time. Women buy jewelry creations for themselves to celebrate personal milestones, with most women over 45 saying that it was a treat “just because”. These brilliant and flawless women, like to be involved in the design process and make the key purchase decisions (4Cs) themselves.

 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

The Modern Woman Knows What She Wants

The modern woman is independent, confident and she knows who she is and what she wants. Designer diamond Jewelry is a sophisticated expression of just that; it resonates with the wearer’s style, taste and individuality. The freedom of buying diamonds for herself – selecting the size, the shape, the cut and everything in between, really allows a woman to express her individualized taste. This is something many women miss when it’s a gift. The freedom of choice and expression that self-purchasing affords goes even further than that. Diamonds emanate luxury, which is why many women now prefer bespoke diamond jewelry. We are therefore seeing an increasing number of women who want to be involved with the design process and experience.

 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

Women Buy Jewelry As An investment

According to auction house Bonhams Hong Kong, the traditionally male-dominated auction room is seeing more women making their own bids. Women are buying jewels for investment purposes: whether it is a one-off piece to add to a collection, an asset to add to a portfolio or an heirloom to perhaps gift a daughter one day. Unusual designs, vintage 19th century jewels, as well as exclusive designer jewelry are popular choices when it comes to investment pieces.


According to the Hong Kong auction house, more than 40 per cent of jewelry buyers are women; and this is a global trend. Women account for between a third and a half of buyers in the United States and Britain, respectively.

 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

Just-For-Fun Jewelry Purchases


Where once women were marching in the streets with banners, today they are not afraid to show their independence by wearing an exclusive piece of jewelry, which they bought themselves. Many of these women buy diamond creations for themselves simply because they want to, and they can. A study by Mintel in 2015 revealed that more than half the women surveyed, predominantly professionals over the age of 45 and dubbed the “just becausers”, bought jewelry as a treat. The rise of the so-called self-purchasing woman is not new, but increasingly significant. It marks a newfound confidence in women. Where women who treated themselves to jewelry once felt compelled to lie because they were embarrassed that a man was not buying it for them, we now see women flaunting self-purchased jewels proudly. Self-gifting of diamond jewelry is not only a fail-safe way of making sure you get what you want but it’s also a declaration of power and independence.

 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

Jewelry Signifies Personal and Professional Milestones


Diamonds represent what is authentic, unique, and strong. Diamond Jewelry is not only an elegant way to express one’s personal style, but also sought after for their symbolism. Its very permanence – being made of precious metals such as platinum and gold and set with the hardest stone known to humankind – makes a persuasive case for purchase to mark important life events. These significant events can be anything, from a job promotion or performance bonus to surviving a serious illness, or even a divorce. A diamond creation purchased to celebrate important personal and professional milestones serves as a constant reminder and a meaningful symbol of strength, hope and courage.

 Why More Women Are Buying Their Own jewelry | Shimansky

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