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Be inspired by this guide to choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for a 50th birthday

What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Diamond Dress Earrings


Turning 50 is a major milestone and many people choose to acknowledge their wisdom and experience with a birthday celebration. If you are celebrating this special birthday with someone special, friend or family, you will be looking for the perfect gift to mark this important occasion.


Jewelry is the quintessential gift for a special someone turning 50. The right piece is personal, used daily, and kept forever; three attributes to consider when deciding what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Caesar Diamond Ring




The 50th birthday is considered the golden jubilee of the birth of the person and an item made of gold is seen as a traditional 50th gift. Gold is traditionally associated with success and achievement, something certainly to be celebrated when turning 50. A classic Caesar ring in 18k yellow gold is an excellent choice when celebrating this golden milestone. These days a very popular alternative to yellow gold is rose gold, and a standout choice when deciding what diamond jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday is a diamond ring crafted with rose gold.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky My Girl Diamond Halo Pendant




A brilliant way to personalize the gift of jewelry for a 50th birthday is to select a piece that includes the recipient’s birthstone. Birthstones are a traditional way to connect a birth month with precious stones. To help you pick an individualized gift, here is a reminder of the birthstones by month.


  • January - Garnet
  • February - Amethyst
  • March - Aquamarine
  • April - Diamond
  • May - Emerald
  • June - Pearl or Alexandrite
  • July - Ruby
  • August - Peridot
  • September - Sapphire
  • October - Tourmaline or Opal
  • November - Topaz or Citrine
  • December - Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise


A graceful pendant is a timeless gift and one that can be customized according to the relevant birthstone, select a piece of the best designer diamond jewelry such as a diamond pendant or a pair of contemporary diamond earrings for an April birthday.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Tip Of Africa Ring




A noteworthy way of giving a personal touch to jewelry is to draw on a favorite memory that you have with the person celebrating their 50th birthday. This is especially meaningful coming from family or old friends as they can draw on many years of special memories with the person in order to decide what jewelry to buy as a gift. For inspiration for this trip down memory lane, you can look to a standout trip you took together, a significant event that you celebrated together or even a favorite movie. Perhaps you share a passion for the African Savannah and have enjoyed many safari trips together, a piece of jewelry inspired by Africa would make a fitting gift for your loved one.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Solitaire Diamond Pendant and Studs




Of course, when considering what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday, diamonds are an excellent choice to mark this momentous occasion. The best designer diamond jewelry is luxurious and long associated with love from the one giving the diamond. A special diamond piece is a classic choice for a milestone gift and when looking at what diamond jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday we’d recommend something that is timeless and elegant such as a pair of classic solitaire diamond studs or an elegant solitaire diamond pendant, staples of any jewelry collection.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Pink Sapphire Panther Ring


Once in a lifetime


Turning 50 is now associated with entering a new phase of life that is filled with freedom, transition and the opportunity to try something new. As a loved one stands at the threshold of a new phase of life, a stunning gift is a piece of jewelry that is truly a once-in-a-lifetime piece — an eye-catching item unlike any other in that person’s collection and that truly makes a statement. Awe-inspiring items have unique designs and are often set with remarkable stones such as this dazzling pink sapphire panther ring or this breathtaking Lucky 8 pendant.


Shimansky jewelry manufacturing studios




Birthdays are often occasions where, as well as looking forward and celebrating the present, we also spend time looking back and appreciating the past. Fifty years means many years of memories and if you are giving thought as to what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday then looking back to create a sentimental piece may result in a very meaningful gift. Makers of the best designer diamond jewelry often offer a bespoke design service, which allows you to create a custom jewelry design that truly reflects the personality and style of the recipient.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Wish list


We all have a wish list, or bucket list, of things we’d like to do or own during the course of our lives. When someone you love is turning 50, it is the ideal moment to pick a gift that ticks off one of the items on that person’s list. Classic items often feature on a woman’s jewelry wish list and that may assist you when thinking about what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday. The best designer diamond jewelry such as a beautifully crafted diamond tennis bracelet or a timeless diamond eternity ring would fulfill many jewelry dreams.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Diamond Pendants and Earrings




Incorporating symbols into jewelry has been a popular design concept throughout history and remains popular today. When selecting what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday, consider a piece that includes a symbol that embodies your feelings or wishes for the recipient. Some symbols customarily used in jewelry design include the following.


  • Arrow - Represents love as well as a reminder to have strength and courage
  • Compass - Holds special meaning for a traveler as a symbol of guidance
  • Cross - A sign of faith
  • Figure of 8 - Represents eternity
  • Heart - An iconic motif that is the ideal representation of friendship, devotion, affection, and romantic and enduring love


Creativity and beauty abounds in jewelry design and the age-old sentiment of it being the thought counts will ring true with a symbolic gift. Are you looking for a gift for an avid traveller? A compass-inspired diamond pendant showing the four directions will be especially meaningful. Of course, you can never go wrong by choosing a gift that demonstrates your love and a heart design portrays such love, for example a heart shaped diamond ring.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Tanzanite Earrings




The wide spectrum of colors in gemstones are known for their deep saturation and high brilliance. The different gemstones, such as tanzanite and diamonds, are unique in their vibrant colors and these colors can create an emotional connection to the piece of jewelry. Colors are associated with specific traits and meaning and when considering what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday you can pay attention to the recipient’s favorite color or a color that you feel best represents them. Some popular colors and their meanings are listed here for inspiration.


  • White - faith, purity, perfection, innocence, wholeness
  • Blue - trust, peace, companionship, loyalty, integrity
  • Green - balance, growth, abundance, hope
  • Red - passion, energy, power, determination, confidence, warmth
  • Purple - imagination, luxury, wisdom, dignity
  • Yellow - optimism, self-confidence, joy, will power, communication


Blue sapphires and tanzanite gemstones are a stunning choice for piece of jewelry featuring blue, the color of integrity and loyalty, making it a wonderful gift for special person in your life. A birthday is an occasion that celebrates growth over 50 years and hope for the future, making green a significant color when looking at what jewelry to buy for a 50th birthday. Tsavorite is a unique choice and when set in a beautiful piece of the best designer diamond jewelry will bring much joy to the recipient.


What Diamond Jewelry to Buy for a 50th Birthday Shimansky Evolym Cuff For Men


One for the men


Jewelry is also a great choice for a man you know when he celebrates his 50th birthday. We recommend picking a classic piece that is a sophisticated addition to his collection of accessories. A modern band will be a refined choice for the special man in your life as he enters a new phase of his life. An elegant item that features clean design lines is a gift that will be a daily reminder of the thoughtful gift giver.


Discover all these signature jewelry designs and patented diamond cuts at the Shimansky 5th Avenue Showroom, where you can also explore the origins of South Africa's fascinating diamond industry dating back to the discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1867. Book your appointment with our CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky today.



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