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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Platinum Wedding and Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting events in your life. Taking the first step in your journey with your soul mate and laying the foundation for a life filled with love requires the perfect engagement ring. At Shimansky we recognise these special moments. We also know that when the time comes to choose your dream engagement ring, you will consider many factors, including the choice of metal.


As pioneers in platinum jewelry, and with over two decades of platinum jewelry crafting experience, Shimansky is world renowned for their platinum engagement rings. We can highly recommend platinum as the perfect metal to showcase your diamond in the best light. However, there is another similar option, which couples often enquire about: palladium. This guide will assist you in selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring; and to help you do that, we have done a comparison of palladium rings vs. platinum rings.


 The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Platinum Wedding and Engagement Rings | Shimansky


Palladium vs. Platinum


There is not much of a difference between platinum and palladium. Both of these noble metals are hypoallergenic, durable and extremely comfortable. And due to their remarkable natural white color, palladium and platinum rings have minimum upkeep and maintenance compared to white gold, which requires regular rhodium plating. This makes platinum and palladium perfect for an engagement ring or a men’s wedding band. Below are some key points to consider when you compare palladium vs. platinum:


Weight – as platinum is by nature a denser metal than palladium or gold, platinum engagement rings weigh more than the same ring in 18K gold or palladium. Palladium’s light weight can be off-putting as many people value the more substantial weight of platinum, while others prefer the light weight of palladium. In the end, the choice is up to the wearer.


The price tag – the most obvious difference between platinum and palladium jewelry is its cost. Palladium rings cost less than platinum rings due to palladium’s low density. Since palladium is less dense than platinum, the manufacturer will need to use less grams of palladium than grams of platinum (almost half the amount) to create the same item. This means that a palladium jewelry item will have a lower manufacturing cost, and therefore a lower price, than a similar platinum piece.


Availability – the range of palladium jewelry is very limited as not many jewellers are knowledgeable and equipped to work with palladium. Relative to gold and silver, palladium is difficult to work with by hand, therefore many jewellers don’t stock rings made of this metal.


The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Platinum Wedding and Engagement Rings | Shimansky


Platinum Ring Benefits


As pure as your love for each other, platinum is the perfect choice for your engagement ring that will last a lifetime. Not only is platinum considered to be one of the strongest and most durable metals, but it that dates back to 1557 when it was discovered by Italian-French physician, Julius Caesar Scaliger.


As one of the most precious and rare metals in the world and known as the most noble metal for jewelry, platinum is a preferred choice for use in diamond engagement rings. When weighing up palladium rings vs. platinum rings, there are many unique platinum ring benefits to consider:


  • Platinum is a noble metal, meaning it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air, unlike base metals such as gold or silver.
  • Platinum is a pure metal, making it hypoallergenic and ideal to be worn by those with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergic skin reactions.
  • Platinum’s purity makes it one of the strongest, most durable metals in the world – its strength ensures that the diamond is most secure in the setting.
  • Platinum does not wear thinner over time. If scratched, the metal is merely displaced and can be polished back to its original shine.
  • Platinum will not tarnish and needs less maintenance compared to other metals like white gold, which requires regular rhodium plating to maintain its white color.
  • Platinum’s remarkable natural light color complements a diamond perfectly and brings out its shine magnificently.


 The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Platinum Wedding and Engagement Rings | Shimansky


Things to Keep in Mind


Whether you are choosing platinum or palladium, make sure your finger size is measured properly as we always advise to have the ring made to fit rather than resizing your engagement ring later. A useful size guide can be found here.


Choose a Platinum Expert


Platinum only melts at an extreme boiling point of 3190 degrees Fahrenheit or 1755 degrees Celsius making the metal extremely difficult to work with. It requires expert skill and a wealth of experience to craft platinum into fine jewelry creations. This led to Shimansky becoming the platinum pioneers and top specialists of the world.


Patina vs. Polished Look


Platinum and palladium will develop a patina finish; this is when the scratches on the metal move to different parts of the ring giving it a matte-like finish. In most cases, the patina look is loved by many, but if you would like to restore the metal's shiny appearance you can easily request for it to be polished.


 The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Platinum Wedding and Engagement Rings | Shimansky


Have Your Ring Checked Regulary


A Shimansky engagement ring is a ring designed and made to last forever. However, even the best platinum engagement rings and palladium rings need the expert eye of a jeweller from time to time. We recommend having your engagement ring checked by your jeweller twice a year to make sure the diamond is still secure in its setting.


Match Your Metal


Whether you choose a platinum engagement ring or a palladium engagement ring, we recommend that you choose a wedding band that is made with the same metal. Different metal and different alloy will not pair well together.


Your Quality Assurance


All platinum engagement rings are hallmarked with the marking of PLAT950 and the SHIMANSKY mark. This gives you the assurance that the best platinum was used as anything less than the finest quality will not deliver the same benefits that make your platinum engagement ring so special and everlasting.


 The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Platinum Wedding and Engagement Rings | Shimansky

Get Expert Advice


Having pioneered the use of Platinum in jewelry in South Africa, Shimansky is one of the world’s top platinum specialists with the delicate skills and expertise needed to create exquisite pieces in this precious metal. If you need guidance in deciding between a palladium vs. a platinum ring, we will be privileged and delighted to help you in making the right choice. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky store and browse the best platinum engagement rings, exquisite platinum wedding bands, as well as palladium wedding bands for men. We have that special something you are looking for that will be with you for the rest of your life, becoming a symbol of love forever.

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