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The best gift ideas for your sister

There really is no relationship quite as special as the one shared by sisters. From birth, you’ve instantly got a friend for life who will go through similar experiences that you can share and help one another with. You also spend your childhood and teenage years sharing other things, like clothes, makeup and jewelry, and so much of your style is shaped during this time. It’s understandable then, that when it comes to buying your sister a diamond jewelry gift, you want it to be special and personalized, and perhaps even something she wouldn’t think to buy for herself. These are our picks of the best gifts for your sister.


The best gift ideas for your sister by Shimansky Jewelers


1. Necklace

A beautiful necklace is easily one of the best gifts you can give, regardless of who the recipient is, and when it comes to your sister, this is no different. Giving your sister a gift that she can wear all the time is not only thoughtful, but also makes it that much more sentimental as she will be reminded of you whenever she puts it on. Deciding what necklace to buy her is the tricky part, as there are so many options, but our advice is to go with something in a classic metal that will work items she already owns, as well as something durable enough to be worn every day. If you’re really looking to spoil your sister – and why wouldn’t you – then it should come as no surprise that Shimansky is the spot to select the perfect necklace. There are several incredible diamond jewelry pieces to choose from, however, the True North Light pendant in 18K gold set with diamonds is something she will love forever.


The best gift ideas for your sister by Shimansky Jewelers


2. Statement Rings

If you think you’d like to buy her a ring, deciding on what kind of ring can be a little tricky. However, rings really are the one item where you can go a little wild, and be a bit more out there. The trend with rings these days is to pile on as many as you can, and mix and match style, colors and diamonds. If your sister isn’t afraid of a little fun, then getting her a striking ring is the perfect gift. While Shimansky’s Panther ring (in 18K white gold with black and white diamonds) is undoubtedly the most statement ring out there, you might find that a diamond bracelet in platinum set with diamonds is the dreamiest and most timeless design for your sister. Not only is it classic and elegant in its design, but it also represents your bond together, and the endless friendship and commitment you share with one another.


The best gift ideas for your sister by Shimansky Jewelers


3. Unique Jewelry Creations

So, if you’re stuck for something special to buy your sister, why not look at getting her a beautiful, Two Hearts ring. The one-of-kind Shimansky creations are available in Open or Twisted styles. The Two Hearts Open style symbolizes the coming together of two soul mates (like you and your sister) while the Twisted symbolizes the unbreakable connection between two souls.

Also, if you and your sister are quite the travelers, we recommend the breathtakingly beautiful Africa ring. The Africa ring is the perfect reminder of your once in a lifetime and memorable trip abroad. The ring represents the rich culture, exceptional landmarks, and for the incredible gifts from deep inside the Earth, diamonds. The unique Tip of Africa ring also showcases the spectacular view of Cape Point, a magical location at the base of the continent, where two oceans meet - the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm water from the Indian Ocean. This breathtaking view, when seen from above, flaunts the interplay of nature, the winds and the sea currents, like no other place on Earth. In the same breath, if you haven’t explored the African continent, we highly recommend a trip. Book an exceptional diamond tour and sip on South African wine, when visiting our must-see diamond experience in the heart of Cape Town.


The best gift ideas for your sister by Shimansky Jewelers


4. Earrings

In all honesty, most women would love to receive earrings as a gift, making this another no-brainer gift idea. Depending on what style you go for, you could either select her out a pair of classic diamonds earrings that go with everything, and that will become a treasured heirloom in the future, or you could give her something a bit more unique that makes a lot more of a statement. Meaning, whenever she gets dressed up to go out on a date, or has a fancy event, she’ll wear the earrings and think of you. You can’t go wrong with either of these, but if you had to ask us, the My Girl studs in 18K rose gold is at the top of our jewelry wish list. These solitaire diamond studs are timelessly beautiful and will be so easy for her to work into her everyday look.


The best gift ideas for your sister by Shimansky Jewelers


Whomever you are buying a gift for, be it your sister, your bridesmaids or your mother-in-law, Shimansky will have something to suit every style. Known for their outstanding, high-quality diamond pieces, and excellent customer service, you’ll not only have a wide range to select from, you’ll literally be spoiled for choice. For more information on our designer diamond jewelry or engagement rings, book an appointment with our Founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky himself today.


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