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Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is loved for its vintage and romantic appeal. Although rose gold is currently one of the biggest engagement ring and wedding jewelry trends, this pretty, feminine metal has a timeless allure. Originating from Russia in the 19th century and dubbed “Russian Gold”, rose gold has now surpassed its status as a trend and become a classic choice.

Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

What Is Rose Gold?

For all the hype around rose gold, not many people know what this gorgeous and trendy metal is. So, what is rose gold? Let’s start with the basics - gold. Gold is naturally a yellow metal and any other forms of gold, including white- and rose gold, are combinations of gold with other metals, or alloys. 18-Carat rose gold is made from gold and a copper alloy of around 75% gold and 25% copper, giving the metal that beautiful pinkish color. Some jewelers add a marginal amount of silver, resulting in a slightly softer tone. Rose gold therefore encompasses the whole family of red, rose and pink gold shades.

 Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The Pros Of Rose Gold Rings

Durability and strength – rose gold rings are more durable than yellow- or white gold rings due to the copper component. Copper is considered one of the most durable metals.


Less maintenance – due to its pinkish color, rose gold does not require rhodium plating like white gold does, which means less maintenance is required. And, rose gold does not tarnish.


Price – rose gold wedding rings and engagement rings are often more affordable than rings made with other metals, like platinum or white gold, since copper – the alloy used to make rose gold – costs less.


Allergies – rose gold rings are great alternatives to gold jewelry for women with nickel allergies, since copper is used as an alloy in rose gold.


Timeless beauty – rose gold rings have a romantic, vintage look that brings out the blush tones in the skin and compliments most skin tones.


Versatile – rose gold banishes the age-old rule that you wouldn’t mix and match your jewelry metals together. In fact, a rose gold diamond ring pairs beautifully with white gold and yellow gold, sometimes even in the same jewelry creation.


Soft, romantic look – often used as a complimentary setting for diamonds with warmer undertones, rose gold is not as flashy as white gold or yellow gold, instead softening the effect of the diamond with a gentle, understated elegance.

 Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

It’s easy to fall in love with rose gold. But when this romantic pink metal is shaped into an elegant engagement design, you will be smitten. As it has become so popular, you will easily find a dazzling range of trendy jewelry creations in this gorgeous pink metal. Here are our top 4 rose gold engagement rings:

 Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

My Girl Halo Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Featuring the internationally patented Shimansky-exclusive My Girl diamond as the main centre diamond, this 18k rose gold creation is a feast for the eyes. Cut to reflect the light with your every movement, the diamond dances with joy, a beautiful reflection of your love and a constant celebration of life’s most special moments. Shimansky’s gorgeously feminine My Girl Halo Rose Gold Engagement Rings are further enhanced by a halo of micro-set Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, which extend onto the shank. A rose gold diamond ring that radiantly shimmers with light on a backdrop of romantic pink gold.

 Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Evolym Rose Gold Engagement Ring With Micro-set Diamonds

Aptly named ‘Evolym’- My Love spelt backwards – the Evolym Engagement Ring is a unique symbol of your affection and promise to one another. This breath-taking, contemporary engagement ring design unlocks the true brilliance of the diamond with a 360-degree exposure to light. Hand-crafted to perfection by Shimansky master jewelers, Evolym Rose Gold Engagement Rings feature a scintillating Round Brilliant Cut solitaire diamond elegantly suspended between two outer bands that glitter with exquisite micro-set diamonds. The elegant middle rose gold band below the diamond completes setting.

 Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Two Hearts Rose Gold Ring

The Two Hearts Rose Gold Ring set with brilliant cut round diamonds, symbolises the undying love, passion and loyalty of two people who are destined to spend the rest of their lives together.Featuring on either side, two hearts in the purest 18k rose gold, this romantic rose gold pavé set diamond ring is a beautiful expression of your intention to unify your lives in marriage and in love, forever.

 Discover Your Love For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Millennium Diamond Ring

Exclusive to Shimansky, the Millennium Diamond Ring is a iconic design that makes a striking statement through its simple, elegant lines. Created with two bands representing the coming together of two lives through marriage, which are held together by an exquisite solitaire diamond, this timeless and classic ring is a mark of everlasting love. Delicately placed in a unique setting unlike any other, the diamond is exposed from all angles, allowing it to display the ultimate brilliance. The Millennium Ring is handcrafted to perfection in a precious metal of your choice.


We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom and browse our delicately designed rose gold rings or any other jewelry piece your heart desires. While Shimansky is a top designer of rose gold wedding rings and rose gold engagement rings in South Africa, we also have a collection of anniversary rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces designed in this exquisite metal. Our expert consultants will help you find the perfect creation for any special occasion or celebration.

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