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Shimansky Jewelry: From Cape Town, With Love

The Shimansky story began in 1991, when founder and CEO, Yair Shimansky, arrived in South Africa after spending two years in Japan selling loose diamonds while studying the art of diamonds polishing to maximize their beauty using optics and science. . Shimansky started designing and crafting his own jewelry, that he sold at Durban beachfront flea market for a year before opening a small jewelry kiosk. A full Shimansky jewelry store followed two years later, focusing on designs and remodeling jewelry for customers, within a year Shimansky open his own small jewelry workshop to have hands on quality control and timely  delivery of the jewelry to customers.

Yair Shimansky CEO and Founder of Shimansky Jewelry New York


During a business trip to the US in the early 1990s, Shimansky discovered platinum and their use in jewelry, the most precious and noble of all metals. South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s mined platinum and it was an instant match, within two years Shimansky become the South Africa Platinum Pioneer and Platinum jewelry specialist.  Shimansky is one of the world’s top platinum specialists with over 28 years of experience high quality design and manufacturing for Platinum Jewery


Where Passion Meets Precision


Diamond Cutting and Polishing Shimansky Jewelry New York


In the early days Yair Shimansky was fascinated by the power diamonds, the sparkling gems and their store of value was intriguing and mesmerizing at the same time. After few years of buying polished diamonds from local dealer and not stultified with the quality of the diamonds cut and polished, Shimansky decided to travel to the diamonds mines in Kimberley and buy directly the rough diamonds,The first batch of diamond was given to a local polisher who polished the diamond for weight gain and not for their beauty (as its take more time and skill)  Shimansky decided to enter the world of diamond cutting and polishing and setup the Shimansky Diamond Polishing Workshop, Unique among jewelers who normally just buy and sale jewelry or engaged with bench work.

Shimansky has a license to buy rough diamonds  direct from South African mines, allowing for a fully integrated Eco-system with the diamonds and fine jewelry being created under full supervision and quality assurance the Shimansky way.


Regular trips are therefore made to South African mines, where Shimansky has the run of the mine and the selection process can take up to three days. With specialized equipment, laser mapping, 3D scanning and optical tools, combined with skill, expertise and the human eye (the most critical tool of all), only the finest rough diamonds are selected. The opportunity to be among the first to hand-select rough diamonds allows Shimansky to choose only the best diamonds, plus some rare and unique diamonds for investment purposes.


Every diamond is unique and one of a kind, our job and duty is to analyze each diamond to its maximum potential for a lifetime of brilliance while maintaining the desire polish weigh for the diamond shape we select.


Tanzanite 1000 Times Rarer than a Diamonds

  tanzanite sourced direct from Tanzania, Shimansky Jewelers


In 1993 Yair Shimansky was introduced to Tanzanite where he meet the son of the Masai chief Mozes in South Africa on a buying trip for shovels and basic digging equipment.  The vibrant colors caught Shimansky attention and eyes it as the first time he ever saw a gemstone with such energy and beauty.


Shimansky purchased all the 8 gemstone stone that Mozes had with and gave Mozes additional money to help him to buy the digging equipment a friendship and a long term business relationship have being forged.

Untill today Shimansky select the top quality Tanzanite in the world from the best rough stones Vivid Blue and Vibrant Violet.

Tanzanite is unique African gemstone, mined only in one known place in the world: a 4km strip of land on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, and area dived to 4 Blocks known as A,B,C and D.  Tanzania. Shimansky sources Tanzanite directly from the Maasai tribe from Block D that is known for the best quality Tanzanite in the world.  .Hand Selected and polished to perfection each Tanzanite over 2ct is graded under the Tanzanite International Grading System and sold under the Ayanda Queen of Tanzanite brand your assurance of authenticate origin and quality.

Since Shimansky cut and polish their own Tanzanite any shape and size can be made specially for you with stones ranging from 1 Carat to 100 Carat.



The Journey Continues: Jewelry and Diamonds In New York


new york city home to shimansky diamonds and tanzanite jewelry


More than two decades later the Shimansky story continues. Fulfilling a lifelong dream to establish the Shimasnky Brand  in New York, Yair Shimansky relocated to the City with his family in 2017, where the USA purchase over40% of the world’s diamond jewelry. Shimansky NYC opened its doors in January 2019 with a luxury showroom on 5th Avenue and online store.


When making your appointment you will get to meet Yair Shimnsky in person with hands on assistance in sharing his jewelry and diamond knowlage assisting you to make an inform choice within your budget for the perfect ring or special gift.


Shimansky Philosophy And Vision


Celebrating Life: Making the Occasions Count


engagement jewelry by Shimansky


Our vision is to enlighten the world and leave it a better place than when we found it. Every Shimansky jewelry creation is making a difference, by giving back to Africa and her people.


Life is imperfect, but it is filled with perfect moments. Shimansky creates beautifully designed and crafted jewelry that helps to celebrate life’s special moments and occasions - and makes you feel valued, appreciated and part of a much larger cause.


We realize the gravity of helping our customers find a piece of jewelry that perfectly captures the essence of their moment, reflects their love and personality, and suits their occasion. It is a honor to be a part of this emotionally rewarding journey and take pride in guiding you to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your unforgettable moment.


A jewelry creation lives forever, making it a perfect gift to reflect meaning and emotion. There is more to jewelry than a beautiful design, and Shimansky believes that it is the way it makes you feel that gives it its true value.


Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Metals


shimansky diamonds hand selected and certified by the GIA


Shimansky diamonds are graded by international, independent diamond laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). Each diamond comes with a certificate of authenticity, and all Shimansky diamonds and Tanzanite are ethically sourced.


All diamonds are graded and adhere to the international diamond grading standard. Most diamonds over 30 points, and all diamonds over 50 points, are accompanied by a diamond certificate. Diamonds equal to, or larger than, 50 points in weight are laser-inscribed with a unique diamond identification number on its girdle, in letters no larger than a few micron.


Certificate of Authenticity and Sustainability


shimansky diamonds rough and polished


Each Shimansky Certificate of Authenticity certifies that your purchase contains natural diamonds, gemstones, platinum and/or gold that has been mined and acquired via sources that are conflict free, not funding civil war, and in accordance with international laws and the Kimberley Process.


Shimansky diamonds, gemstones, platinum and/or gold can be traced to their place of origin by the in-house team and the diamonds and gemstones are owned, cut and polished in Shimansky factories, allowing us to track these all the way from mine to retail. We adhere to safe working conditions, fair and appropriate wages and ethical human rights throughout this process.


We also certify that it complies with environmentally and socially sound practices, supporting communities reliant on diamond-sourced income in Africa. We undertake to strengthen and protect local ecosystems, ensuring that people in the sector have access to opportunities, information, tools that they need to work with dignity within flourishing, self-sustaining communities, including access to clean water, sanitation and education for children.


Diamond Jewelry From the Source: South Africa


The world’s first large-scale diamond mine was established in South Africa in the 1870s. South Africa is blessed as one of the world’s largest sources of diamonds, but also of precious metals like gold and platinum. Combined with people’s natural creativity, passion and innovation, the country is a constant source of unique jewelry creation, leveraging these natural resources.


shimansky diamond and tanzanite jewelry specialists


No two diamonds are alike; just like the people that wear them. Every Shimansky creation needs to be experienced in real life to be appreciated for its true value. Our dedicated team members in the stores will guide and educate you through the journey of selection, so that you can make a fully informed decision about a truly ethical piece, that also speaks to your heart’s desire.


As a Shimansky client we are also delighted to assist you in keeping your jewelry looking its best. Cleaning your jewelry can make you a bit nervous, so we invite you to bring your special pieces to us whenever you are near a store, for complimentary refreshing. Once every six months is regarded as ideal for the best maintenance of your jewelry.




The World of Shimansky


Creating Stories Throughout Your Life


millennium diamond ring iconic by design shimansky jewelers


At the heart of every Shimansky jewelry creation, is an African natural treasure, combined with the pursuit of perfection, passion, innovation, vision and an understanding of our customers and their special moments.

From the mine to your finger, every step of the creation process is completed in-house, to ensure the very best hand-crafted, artisanal standards are upheld. Our start-to-finish approach is unique and drives us to deliver excellence every time.


Creating Stories Throughout Your Life


cape town diamond museum cape town south africa


Nestled between the mountain and the sea, Cape Town is known for its extraordinary natural beauty. From the serenity of the wine farms, to the splendor of the white, sandy beaches, the Cape Town spirit is embodied in all we do. South Africa, with its rich heritage and cultural diversity, is home to some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, and is a treasure trove of gold, platinum and precious stones.


It all comes together at the V&A Waterfront, original home of the Shimansky workshops, showroom and Cape Town Diamond Museum. Located in the center of Cape Town’s main attractions, with the magnificent Table Mountain as a backdrop, there is no shortage of inspiration around us.


Iconic By Design


my girl diamond exclusive to shimansky jewelers


The Shimansky My Girl diamond cut was the first internationally patented diamond cut to originate from South Africa. This truly South African design is one that can only be achieved by using the very rarest of diamonds, and up to half the rough stone is sacrificed to create this unique cut.


The Shimansky Millennium diamond ring is the most sought-after engagement ring in South Africa. Admired for its elegance and unique design, it has become an icon in the South African jewelry world.


The never-ending pursuit of perfection led to the creation of Shimansky’s Brilliant 10 diamond, evaluated as the most brilliant cut diamond in the world.


There are more than ten Shimansky jewelry design patents and more than five international Shimansky diamond-cut patents. For our customers this means that all of our signature collections are exclusively available from Shimansky and are as unique as you are wearing them.


The Art of Design, and Precision of Cut


shimansky custom jewelry design platinum diamond jewelry


With the most advanced 3D CAD design software, 3D printers and laser-welding technology, we have the ability to design and visualize a jewelry creation long before it goes to manufacturing. Once a design is ready to be brought to life, the perfect diamond is selected by a Shimansky expert, and is then cut to precision, thanks to years of experience, and state-of-the-art equipment.


A super-fine natural diamond powder is used to polish Shimansky diamonds – along with a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil – on a diamond wheel, each stone is polished to reveal its maximum beauty. Three carats of diamond powder is used to polish one of one-carat diamonds.