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Guide To Romantic Cape Town Proposals

A proposal – one of life’s most special moments – takes careful planning to make it truly exceptional and memorable. There are many marvellous ways to get engaged, but few of them top getting down on one knee while vacationing in one of the most romantic cities in the world – Cape Town. If you are looking for romantic proposal ideas and the best places in Cape Town to get engaged, we are here to help you make this special occasion one that you will both treasure forever.

Our guide to getting engaged on vacation has a range of useful tips – from creative ways to hide the engagement ring and surprise engagement ideas to where to find the most dazzling engagement rings in Cape Town and the best ways to propose on holiday.

Proposing in Cape Town | Holiday Guide Cape Town | Shimansky

The City of Ultimate Marriage Proposals

When it comes to romantic proposal ideas, Cape Town is brimming with inspiration. Not only does the city boast some of the best fine dining restaurants, wine estates and breath-taking outdoor spots and beaches – with sunsets to rival the best in the world, but Cape Town also has a range of luxurious hotels that make for ultimate marriage proposals.


Cape Town is truly a remarkable city when it comes to romantic ways to propose on holiday. Whether you are looking for an enchanting outdoor setting where you can get down on one knee against the perfect backdrop, like the top of the iconic Table Mountain, or prefer to treat her at a world-class venue with the finer things in life, the Mother City caters for any type of marriage proposal. With so many romantic places in Cape Town to propose you are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the setting.


TIP: The day doesn't end once she said yes! Think about how the two of you will want to celebrate after the big moment.

 Proposing in Cape Town | Holiday Guide Cape Town | Shimansky

Where to Find the Most Exquisite Engagement Rings in Cape Town

It all starts with the ring of course. And, when it comes to dreamlike engagement rings, Cape Town is certainly one of the best sources in the world. The city is not only the place where the most romantic proposal ideas come to life, but home to Shimansky, where rough diamonds, hand-sourced from local mines, are transformed into shimmering engagement rings that symbolise love and passion.


Like every couple, there is a story to each and every Shimansky engagement ring. As master craftsmen of the most exquisite palladium, platinum, yellow-, white- and rose gold engagement rings in Cape Town, our greatest reward and passion is to become part of your special moment, knowing that you have selected a Shimansky creation for your journey. If you need guidance in finding that one-of-a-kind engagement ring for you holiday proposal we invite you to visit a Shimansky store in Cape Town.


TIP: Read our guide to Precious Metals to ensure you pick the right one for your love. Like diamonds, there are metals to suit different personalities and styles – so choose carefully.   

 Proposing in Cape Town | Holiday Guide Cape Town | Shimansky

Creative Ways to Hide the Engagement Ring

There are many romantic ways to propose on holiday but if you truly want to sweep her off her feet, consider a creative way to reveal the ring. After all, you don’t want a box-shaped lump in your pocket to ruin the surprise. The classic trick of hiding the ring in a dessert or drink is still one of the best tried and tested surprise engagement ideas. But if you’re looking for something a bit more unexpected and out of the ordinary, hide the ring in something that speaks to her – like a volume from her favorite poet or a special memento.


TIP: Hiding the engagement ring is a great way to strike her with awe. Just remember to keep track of it.

 Proposing in Cape Town | Holiday Guide Cape Town | Shimansky

The Pros of Proposing on Holiday

Asking your significant other for her hand in marriage and slipping that gorgeous ring on her finger is an occasion to be celebrated. What better time to do just that than while on holiday in the beautiful city of Cape Town where there is so much to see and do together? Planning the proposal with a well-deserved break will not only extend this incredibly happy event for a few more heavenly days, allowing the euphoria to linger longer, but will give you the freedom to make more special memories around this significant milestone. Another advantage of a vacation proposal is that you can really let your imagination go when planning it, as there are so many more romantic ways to propose on holiday than when you are in a familiar environment where work and routine are the order of the day.


TIP: No matter what kind of holiday proposal you've planned, make sure you take a little quiet, private time to soak it all in. 

 Proposing in Cape Town | Holiday Guide Cape Town | Shimansky

Hotel Room Proposal Ideas

The most romantic proposal ideas can be made even better when you have a few co-conspirators. This is where your hotel concierge can be helpful. If your significant other is a romantic at heart, have your hotel room made up with candles and rose petals with Champagne and oysters on ice. The best hotel room proposal ideas are the ones with a personal touch, so incorporate something meaningful, like pictures or love notes from the beginning of your relationship. Romantic proposal ideas incorporating hotel rooms do not need to be confined to the room itself. A suite with floor to ceiling windows and a view of a quiet beach, for example, is the perfect setting for her to see your big question written out in the sand. Alternatively, you can arrange for a private rooftop dinner where a bouquet of flowers awaits the bride-to-be.


TIP: Speak to the hotel well in advance about your plans. This will ensure they are well prepared and have everything ready down to the finest detail, so everything goes according to plan.


Cape Town really is the ultimate spot for you to create a perfect, romantic memory. For more ideas, you can visit one of the Shimansky showrooms, and the consultants will help you prepare for one of the most special days in your life. Good luck!