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Hers and Hers Wedding Band Trends For 2020

Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky

There is no denying that love is love, and whether you’re gay, straight, bi- or pan-sexual, you are deserving of love. While the world has come a long way in LGBTQi+ acceptance, the discussion around marriage is always a hot topic for this community. Traditionally, marriage is viewed as a ritual steeped in conventional and religious traditions, however, getting married is still one of the strongest ways to show your dedication to the one you love – whomever that may be. And, regardless of who you’re marrying, deciding on a wedding ring can be overwhelming because it’s a commitment as much as the actual marriage is. A wedding ring is something that you are going to wear every day for the rest of your life! As with most things in 2019, there are no rules and at the end of the day, your choice is yours alone to make. But, in the spirit of marriage equality, we are providing some helpful advice and guidance on hers and hers wedding band trends.

 Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky



There’s something undeniably sweet about a couple wearing matching wedding bands, which has become a growing jewelry trend for same-sex couples. Perhaps it’s the novelty that heterosexual couples can’t do it in exactly the same way that makes it so personal. Granted if you and your partner have similar styles, going for matching wedding bands is a special way to signify your union. Whatever you decide to go for, be it super simple or elaborately adorned, wearing the same ring as your future wife will make you feel that much closer. We recommend a simple eternity band for each of you, as a way to symbolize a union to last forever.

 Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky



As traditional wedding concepts become phased out, and replaced with more modern ideas, couples are less interested in the size of a diamond and more with the overall look. As such, smaller diamonds are working their way onto the hands of most modern brides, and stacking has become incredibly popular. This gives you the chance to build a unique wedding band over time. It also means that you always have a gift idea for the lady in your life, as she can simply add to her stack.


Looking for ring inspiration? We have wonderful selection of picture-perfect diamond rings that can be bought stand-alone, or as part of a stack.

 Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky

Mixed Metals


There are no rules, and everything goes, so break with tradition by getting wedding bands in a different metal from your engagement ring. Whether it be rose or yellow gold, platinum or silver, the idea here is to create your own tradition unique to you as a couple. For those of you who work with your hands, or are very active with the kids and home, we always recommend platinum for your rings, as it is the longest-lasting and most robust of all the precious metals. Hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and the rarest of all, this is the special metal that will make your rings stand out and last a lifetime.

 Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky

Mix of Cuts and Colors


Continuing on this mis-matched theme, the rules no longer apply to which cuts you wear and what color. Fancy Yellow diamonds have long been the ‘alternative’ diamond color but now you can look out for blues, reds, greens and even black. We’ve even seen some incredible Pride-inspired rings too. Similarly, now is the time to experiment with interesting diamond cuts. While solitaires and princesses will always be one of our favorites, you can look beyond these and try marquise or a cushion-cut – just to name a few. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Pop into any Shimansky showroom or chat with us online, and we will help you with and all your diamond queries, and show you our own patented cuts that are certified to be among the most brilliant in the world, the My Girl and Brilliant 10.

 Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky



As we’ve seen in fashion, gender fluid-inspired aesthetics are currently on trend, and that has begun to make its way into the design of fine jewelry. For the modern lesbian couple, opting for a men’s wedding band is a quirky way of adding a masculine air to your delicate engagement ring.


Shimansky has a wide range of edgy wedding bands with and without diamonds, and crafted in the lightest fine metal, palladium. So while they may look chunky, they are as light as a feather and you won’t even know it’s on your hand.

 Hers and Hers Wedding Rings | Guide to Buying | Shimansky



The entire process of choosing a piece of jewelry for a lifetime is incredibly personal, something that is unique to you as a couple. Something that has taken this even further is the trend of personalization. Engrave the inside of your wedding bands with your wedding date, or perhaps even a quote from your vows, so the special moment is that much closer to you, while being hidden from the rest of the world. We offer this as a complimentary service in our showrooms, to make this extra special for you both.


Getting married is truly an exciting time for everyone, however you identify. Take your time with this process of choosing your wedding bands, and really enjoy it. With the team at Shimansky, you’re in the best hands for all advice covering diamonds to wedding bands and everything in between, so be sure to give us a call, or book an appointment to visit us, when you take this next step on your journey together.