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Engagement Ring Shopping: Should You Surprise Her or Involve Her?

Getting engaged is probably one of the most memorable milestones a couple can share. Though it’s an exciting and special occasion, it can also be a little bit overwhelming and stressful for the man behind all the planning – you’ve found the love of your life, now you need to find an engagement ring that symbolises your adoration and devotion.

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

Getting married is a forever decision, just like the chosen ring is something your fiancée will wear forever. This brings us to one of the biggest dilemmas men face when planning a proposal: Should you go engagement ring shopping together or should you surprise her with an unique ring choice of your own? Can you be trusted to get it right? Our tips will help you make an informed decision and will ensure that whatever you end up presenting in that ring box, will be worthy of an unequivocal YES!


If you’re looking for the perfect place to shop for the best engagement ring, we invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom. Here you’ll find an array of breathtaking options, from classic solitaire engagement ring styles to multi-stone engagement rings and, most importantly, conflict-free engagement rings.


 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

A Brief History Of Engagement Rings

As a soon-to-be fiancé you are about to embark on one of the most romantic journeys ever, so it’s perfectly appropriate that we take a moment to appreciate the very first love story involving a diamond engagement ring.


The origin of the diamond engagement ring dates back to the late 1400s when Archduke Maximilian of Austria asked his beloved Mary of Burgundy for her hand in marriage by presenting her with a ring, featuring an ‘M’ spelled out with lots of tiny diamonds. And so, the tradition of presenting your wife-to-be with a diamond engagement ring was born. It seems the purpose of an engagement ring has always been to symbolise a man’s admiration for his loved one.


Another interesting and romantic fact about engagement rings involves which hand to put an engagement ring on. Most people know this ring is worn on the fourth finger from the right of the left hand, but not everyone knows why this is specifically the engagement ring finger. The reason can be traced back to ancient times: The Romans believed the so-called ring finger was the only one with a vein directly connected to the heart. Thanks to modern-day biology we now know that all our fingers have veins running to the heart, but the romantic in us still prefers the Roman’s version.


Now that you have a little background information on the history of engagement rings – your love will definitely be impressed with your newfound knowledge – it’s time to focus on your own proposal and most importantly, shopping for the best engagement ring.

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

Engagement Ring Planning: Where To Start

You’re excited about getting engaged, but also a little nervous – especially about whether or not your significant other will like what she sees when you drop down on one knee and flip open that jewelry box. With the pressure of a picture-perfect proposal mounting, you might be tempted to forgo the whole surprise element and simply ask your fiancée straight out whether she’d like a halo engagement ring, a rose gold engagement ring or maybe even one like Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. Or perhaps you’re cunning – coming up with a few sneaky ways to gather some information from her without giving away everything. Regardless of how much input your partner will end up having, there’s one very important question you have to ask yourself before embarking on this journey.

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky


How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?


This is probably one of the biggest questions men face when planning a marriage proposal. The ‘rule of thumb’ is to spend at least two month’s salary on an engagement ring. But we say, ignore the rules and set a budget for a ring you know she’ll love. Keep in mind that due to the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band, the former is usually the more elaborate and expensive of the two. At the end of the day, always remember that the real value of an engagement ring is intangible, just like your love and commitment. But once you have a budget to work with, it’ll make the planning process so much easier.


The other major question men face pre-proposal, is whether or not they should ask the woman’s input on the ring. And if so, how much input?


We’re going to discuss three possible scenarios to help you make the best decision.

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

1. You Know Her Well And She’ll Love Whatever Ring You Pick

You’re confident that you know your partner’s taste and style. If you know whether she’d like a square engagement ring or an oval engagement ring, a simple gold engagement ring or a platinum emerald-cut engagement ring, then good for you! Visit the Shimansky showroom or book a consultation with a Shimansky expert to find a ring that will reflect your love (and suit your pocket).

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

2. You Feel Like She Needs To Have All The Say, As It Is After All Something She Is Supposed To Wear Forever

Yes, you’ve been together for ages and yes, you know your girlfriend well, but you’d both feel more at ease knowing that she is completely satisfied with a ring that she’s probably going to wear for the rest of her life.


Engagement ring shopping together can be a special experience. Discuss your wedding band plans and your budget with her so you’re both on the same page before you start your big ring hunt. If she’s not one for the classic engagement ring styles and looking for something completely unique, Shimansky can help you create an exclusive designer diamond ring that speaks to your hearts.

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

3. You Need Some Guidance, But You Still Want The Ring To Be A Surprise

You have a pretty good idea of what your partner would like. You know she loves gorgeous diamond jewelry, you’ve caught her googling ‘oval diamond engagement ring’ before and she’s always going on about how exquisite Blake Lively’s engagement ring is. Now, think like James Bond and take a peek into her jewelry drawer for some more inspiration, ‘borrow’ one of her current rings if you don’t know her ring size, and ask her best friend if she’s ever dropped any hints about ring styles she likes or dislikes. And voila! With all of this information you’ll be able to present her with an engagement ring she’ll treasure forever without spoiling the surprise.


If you know what kind of centre stone she’d like, but you’re still not 100% sure of the ring design, contact Shimansky about purchasing a loose diamond. By proposing with a diamond and giving her the option to design her own ring, you get the best of both worlds.


For more guidance on choosing your engagement ring, the ultimate guide is available here.

 Engagement Ring Shopping: Surprise or Involve Her? | Shimansky

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Choosing an engagement ring or wedding band for your significant other is truly a rewarding experience and a journey we’re delighted to guide you on. Shimansky has a stunning range of diamond engagement rings and engagement and wedding ring sets that will help make choosing the perfect ring an easy and memorable experience. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom or book a consultation with a Shimansky expert.