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Is Engagement Ring is a Good Investment?

When a couple begins their hunt for an engagement ring, invariably a burning question pops up. Is their ring of choice a sound investment? It’s a tricky thing to break down. If you put an engagement ring in the same category as say, an apartment, where after few years you expect to make a profit when you sell it, then an engagement ring isn’t going to fit in with your idea of an ‘investment portfolio’.


Technically, an investment gives you a return when you sell it. An engagement ring is an item that you purchase for life; you never buy it intending to sell it to make a profit.

Natural Diamonds are a great store of value due to their rarity and desire, as an Investment - It is an Emotional Investment in your relationships that will reward you every day for the rest of your life and beyond.

An Investment Diamonds are a unique category on their own and require a personal discussion to understand your Diamonds Investment Goals and expectation, in general you will need a minimum of $100-$200 to enter the category of Investment Diamonds.


Your Engagement Ring if bought well will maintain its value and will start to appreciate within five years, while still subject to market condition and the forces of supply and demand.

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Making Priceless Memories


If you’re weighing up the options of an engagement ring and can’t get your head around the fact that it won’t rise in value like your share portfolio, consider how you approach the wedding. The average American wedding costs $30 000 to pull off. It’s a hefty outlay, but not one that anyone expects to make a profit on or make any financial return. It’s simply accepted that the perfect peony bouquet, flowing white dress and blowout buffet for guests are investments in a memorable moment – a memory to last a lifetime. Your wedding rings are part of and parcel of this memory.  

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Diamonds Really Are Forever


There’s a reason that people have been drawn to diamonds as the gemstone of choice for engagement rings. They are valuable and rare. They have a characteristic ‘fire’, which refers to their ability to disperse light. Thanks to this they outshine all other gems. But crucially they’re also remarkably strong. Diamonds don't react to heat, chemicals, or other factors that come into your daily life. This gives them the edge on rubies, emeralds and other popular precious gemstones, which aren’t as hardy.


Consider this. You’re gifted an engagement ring as a symbol of a promise to commit to one another for life. If you want an engagement ring that you know will last for generations without becoming damaged or dull, then a diamond engagement ring certainly can be categorized as an investment. It comes into your life as a symbol of your union but has the durability to be passed down for generations to come. 


A Natural Diamonds is One of A Kind - Like the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Keep it real and choose a Natural Diamond.

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Choose The Precious Metal That suite your style


An engagement ring may not technically fit into the category of an investment, but it is definitely an asset, and therefore needs to be protected and cared for as you would any other item that is precious to you.


With this in mind, a key consideration when you’re shopping for engagement rings is the metal used to accompany the diamond you’ve set your heart on. Rose gold and white gold are popular and extremely pretty, but if you’re looking for a metal that is almost as hardy as the diamonds you select, platinum is a safe choice that will protect your ring. It is also able to resist chemical or heat damage, and won’t wear down, even if you wear your engagement ring every day throughout your lifetime.

At Shimansky we are famous for our Platinum Jewelry and always will recommend to choose Platinum above all metals if you like White Metal.

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Ensure the Sparkle Adds Up


So how does one go about choosing a diamond to ensure you’re making a smart choice? Quality counts, and you need to do your homework as you would when you’re looking at buying any asset. Diamond quality is classified according to four factors: the carat weight, the color, the clarity, and the cut.


Firstly, you want to ensure that the diamond you buy is certified, which means it hasn’t been illegally traded or stolen. Then you want to consider a gem that weighs a least 1ct or more. Diamonds that fall beneath this grade are considered to be quite common and readily available, and therefore wouldn't be classed as an investment.


In terms of color, you want to be looking at gems that are categorized between the D and F rating. Then, it comes to the clarity of the diamond. You want your treasure to be VVS2 or higher. A low clarity indicates that the gem has blemishes and inclusions, which lower the value of the diamond.


Finally, you will look at the cut. A good quality diamond is only as good as the expertise with which it is cut as this determines how it sparkles. An expert cut will ensure that the brightness, fire, and scintillation all come together to form a magnificent piece. The brightness of a diamond indicates how high the percentage of light that’s refracted is. The flash and fire scintillation refer to the play of white and color flashes of light that come from the diamond. A large diamond that’s poorly cut is worth less than a smaller one that’s been cut with skill and flair.

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

The Journey of Your Ring


The key is to work with an experienced jewelry designer who will be able to help you choose a gem that matches your budget, taste, and suits you and your lifestyle. 


Trends come and go, but the advantage of investing in a good quality diamond is that it can be reset or repurposed into other jewelry down the line. In fact, there’s a growing trend of the ‘starter diamond’. This refers to investing in the best quality diamond you can afford when you get engaged and then adding to it as your wealth or circumstances change. You could begin your life together with a simple solitaire diamond engagement ring and as you celebrate anniversaries and other milestones rework it into a cluster ring.

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Responsible & Ethical Diamonds from Mine to Finger.


Working with a professional jeweler will also enable you to determine the origin of your diamond. You want to guarantee that the gem you place on your finger for life was sourced ethically. This means that it was mined ethically, that it was traded legally, that it comes without any ties to illegal activities and that no human rights were infringed on in any way in the mining or production.


When you engage with a jeweler ask them if the diamonds they work with are certified and also compliant with the Kimberley Process. Your purchase should include an Ethical Compliance certificate and a conflict-free guarantee.


Shimansky diamonds are sourced directly by our own team, from the artisanal mines in South Africa. They are cut and polished by our own skilled master craftsmen and set in our innovative and exclusive designs. You can be 100% assured that all Shimansky jewelry is ethically sourced from entirely conflict-free mines. And that we adhere to safe working conditions, fair and appropriate wages and are committed to supporting communities reliant on diamond-sourced income in Africa.

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Your Engagement Ring is a Reflection of who you are.


We've covered the practical elements. The quality, credentials, and source of the diamonds you buy are important. A ring that ticks these boxes, and is created by an expert jeweler, will pay off by retaining its sparkle for generations. But an engagement ring isn’t merely an object.


A diamond engagement ring symbolizes your relationship, your commitment, and your love. It's hard to put a price on these. So, remember that when you go engagement ring shopping together, do so with your head, as well as your heart. When you come across the gem that speaks to you like no other, you will fall in love with it– even if it wasn't what you thought you wanted when you set out. And in all of this, know that love is truly priceless.


Every time you will look at your ring, you need to feel the special connection of your relationship and the lifelong commitment - that is the real value

 Buying an Engagement Ring | Can it Be a Good Investment | Shimansky

Your Diamond Engagement Ring - Safe and Sound


When you purchase a diamond engagement ring, it's essential that the quality of the stone is guaranteed. Part of this process is ensuring that you know where your investment comes from.


You can count on Shimansky. Because Shimansky uniquely buys our gemstones directly from the mines and works with the diamond from its pure, rough state right through to the moment it emerges as an elegant engagement ring that rests on your finger, we can assure you of the quality, the value and the ethical origins of your stone.


Choosing an engagement ring or wedding band for your significant other is truly a rewarding experience and a journey we’re delighted to assist you with. Shimansky has a beautiful range of diamond engagement rings and engagement and wedding ring sets that will help make choosing the perfect ring memorable experience. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom or book a consultation with a Shimansky expert.