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Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky Jewelers

Customize your Engagement Ring or any creation, by interacting directly with Yair Shimansky for expert advice and guide to make your dream jewelry a reality.

What ever your budget and style, we guarantee the best value and craftsmanship you deserve. With over 27 years experience in diamonds and jewelry, we helped many customers to reach their dreams.


 Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky

If you can travel to New York, You are welcome to book an appointment to visit our Shimansky Showroom on 5th Avenue to take ta unique diamond tour and enjoy our showroom hospitality. The luxurious surrounds are a calm and indulgent respite from the chaos of the City, and the views out over it are incredible. We offer delicious wines from our country of origin, South Africa. And would be delighted to welcome you to chat with us about your diamond dreams.

 Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky

Buying uncut diamonds direct from the South African mines for over 20 years and crafting jewelry since 1991, you are in good hand, our jewelry design and quality are worn and adorn by customer from around the world, making memories to last a lifetime - lets get to know each other and make your jewelry dream come to life.

 Shimansky New York Store | Shimansky