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Platinum vs White Gold in 2020

Choosing the right metal for your jewelry is depend on the jewelry item itself and your preference. Let me start with the basics Platinum is a Nobel Metal that is White by its origin with some hint of Grey Blue, The recommended Platinum purity in Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets is 95% Pure Platinum with 5% Ruthenium. Do not go for inferior alloy with Cobalt that is Grey and magnetic, commonly use by Platinum manufacturer as it is essayer to cast and cheaper to buy compare to Ruthenium. check the marking on the ring it will indicate the Platinum Alloy.


White Gold is Yellow Gold that have being alloyed down from 24 karat pure Gold to 75% Gold for 18 Karat alloy and mixed with Zinc, Copper, Palladium and other metal to dilute the original Yellow Color of the Gold. than the jewelry item need to be plated with Whiter metal, commonly Rhodium Plating is applied to coat the jewelry items commonly referred to as Rhodium Plating.


For Rings that are in contact with other surfaces the plating eventually will wear off showing Yellowish Tint of the actual metal color and the ring will need to be polish and plated, normally every two years. Platinum will retail its color as it is the original color trough out the jewelry.


For Diamonds Engagement Rings and Precious Gemstone we strongly recommend to use Platinum as Platinum is more durable and hold the Diamond and Gemstone in safer manner due to the Platinum property compare to White Gold, Platinum is more gentle on the Diamond and Gemstone while maintaining firm and metal memory, like a father arms holding his baby with strength and gentle at the same time.

Some people may be allergic to the base metals used in alloying the Gold which may cause a rush reaction, Platinum is hyper allergic metal and will not cause any reaction.  The other benefit of using Platinum in Engagement Rings is the no wear and tear on the metal, Platinum will not become thinner and loose weight like Gold. Gold when scratched or rubbed tiny particles of the metal are shaved off with Platinum there is a metal shift around a scratch without any loss.

It is important to note that the Platinum is over 40% heavier than 18 Karat Gold and a more dense metal by its structure, for Diamond Engagement Rings the weight different is small and have no impact on everyday usage. For large Jewelry specially earrings some people prefer White Gold as the weight is lesser on the ear.


Making Platinum Jewelry require a higher skilled craftsmanship and specialized equipment and take much longer to make where even the small metal contamination during the alloy and manufacturing process can effect the entire metal batch to be disqualified for use at a great cost, also mass finishing that is possible with Gold using machinery is not possible with Platinum where each item is hand finish and hand polished using up to seven steps to achieve high polish and shine from the Platinum surface.


If you are shopping for Diamond Engagement Ring, Diamond Anniversary Bands, Diamond Studs Earring or even a Diamond Tennis Bracelet Platinum is the better choice, it might cost you a little more than White Gold but the benefit of having your jewelry made in Platinum will outshine the White Gold and less cost of ownership and maintenance.

With over 27 years in jewelry design and manufacturing in Platinum Shimansky is among the top 3% of the world very best Platinum Jewelry designers and manufacturer, with our Platinum origin from the South African Platinum Mines where 80% of the world Platinum is mined and supplied we can assure you the best Platinum grade for your jewelry with Ethical Mining, and Traceability for every Platinum batch that we use.

Each Shimansky Platinum Jewelry is hallmarked with the stamp of Plat950/5Ru assuring you the very best Platinum for jewelry. contact us for any advice of assistance in designing your dream engagement ring and special jewelry just for you.