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Ethical Sourcing of Diamonds - Guarantee Conflict Free

 ethical diamond sourcing | Shimansky

Mr Shimansky visits a diamond mine


If you’re an ethical , conscientious customer and are interested in origin and best practice when buying goods and services in an ethically and environmentally sustainable way, then diamonds should be no different. You may already heard the term ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘conflict diamonds’ – those diamonds that are sourced and traded in an illegal and often brutal way. But these are not the only diamonds in the world that are the result of conflict, child-labor, environmental abuse, cash transactions and unfair labor practice, that land up in jewelry stores and consumer hands.


The diamond industry is one of the few industries in the world that has created a self-regulatory system to hold itself to social and ethical standards. This is known as the Kimberley Process to protect you the customers and your values.


The Kimberley Process ensures that every member adheres to regulations to make sure that diamonds have been traded in a fairly and ethically, throughout the supply chain. These strict, industry-led principles and processes have resulted in transparency and accountability; far more so than in other industries such as the textiles and coffee. All our diamonds are in full compliance for your piece of mind.

 ethical diamond sourcing | Shimansky

Mr Shimansky talks with a mine worker


The Kimberley Process was established in 2003 to try and stamp out conflict diamonds and prevent them from landing up on unsuspecting people’s fingers. As a result, you can, for the most part, trust that the diamonds you buy from reputable sources are ‘conflict-free’. But are they mined and traded in a sustainable and humane way? Are they hurting or helping the communities that grow up around them? Does your jeweler really know where the diamonds and metals originated, and what the conditions are like for the families on those mines? These are the broader questions that need to be addressed when purchasing a diamond in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.


It’s important to distinguish between the origin of the diamond and the provenance. The provenance of the diamond is their journey from the mine to your finger in an ethical way and the origin would be the mine at which it originated. It is important to establish the origin and provenance of the diamond you choose for your special jewelry creation, as once you own the diamond you become a part of the diamond journey.


Mostly, Diamonds Dealers, Retailers and  jewelers are unable to trace their diamonds all the way back to the originating mine, as these gemstones pass through many hands along the supply chain. For real assurance, you need to be able to trace the diamond via a chain of custody and  source your diamond from one of the rare jewelry manufacturers that have a license to buy rough diamonds directly from the mines – like Shimansky.


ethical diamond sourcing | Shimansky


At Shimansky we believe that real, 100% ethical diamonds are diamonds where its journey, all the way from mine through to your finger, is done in a consciously and deliberately ethical manner. None of the proceeds of an ethical diamond will have been used to fund illegal activity, such as acts of terror or crime and ensure human rights regulations have been adhered to without any exploitation, all the way along the diamond’s journey.


Shimansky diamonds are sourced directly from well-known South African mines. Once a month, on regular buying trips in the search for rough diamonds, a handful of diamonds are selected for their unique qualities and properties that make them suitable to become a Shimansky diamond.


This makes the diamond you buy from Shimansky conflict-free, and an ethical diamond is the only one that will become a symbol of love that can last forever. If you are buying an engagement ring, it is essential that you are able to give this gift of love with a clear conscience.


Ensure that your purchase comes with all the necessary certification, detailing the origins of the stone – you can even ask about the first-hand knowledge we have about the mine of origin. In addition, every Shimansky diamond is accompanied by an Ethical Compliance certificate with 100% conflict-free guarantee for complete peace of mind and a lifetime’s enjoyment with the choice you made.


When purchasing diamonds and diamond jewelry from Shimansky, the invoice will state the following in accordance with the Kimberley Process:


ethical diamond sourcing | Shimansky


Diamonds Ethical Compliance Assurance in 2020

“The gemstones herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these gemstones are conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the suppliers of these gemstones.”


It’s important to remember that when diamonds are mined in a natural, ethical manner and in a conflict-free environment, the economic and social benefit is of great value to the surrounding communities and the country’s GDP. Currently, over 10 million people are employed directly in the diamond trade for mining, polishing, distribution and retail. The socioeconomic impact has changed the lives of many in Namibia, Botswana, Angola, South Africa, Canada and other major diamond producing countries.


Shimansky is proud to source, cut and polish our own diamonds. These are the very diamonds that later become the heroes in Shimansky jewelry designs - yours to own now and for generations to come. We always know exactly where our diamonds come from and how the people around them are treated.

Every Diamond tell a story - it is time for you to write your own story.