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Design Philosophy

The Art of Design

Design and craft | Shimansky


A piece of fine jewelry is born out of a partnership between a master craftsman, technological precision and design excellence. The true art of design lies not only in form and function, but also in the creation of a symbolic artefact that represents love, devotion and a perfect moment in your life.

This symbol becomes a part of you and lasts a lifetime.


Art inspires emotion. The desire for beauty, for acceptance, for resonance are all part of the human condition, and art helps us achieve these. When a truly skilled craftsman takes innovative design and brings it to life, emotions are awoken. This is what every Shimansky jewelry creation strives for.


With each jewelry creation that is designed and crafted, a person’s love story is kept in mind and the finished piece is a collaboration between this story, the innovation and expertise of the in-house team, and the master craftsmen that hone the piece to perfection and to its maximum beauty.

The Design Process


Design and craft | Shimansky


The journey of a unique Shimansky diamond piece, begins with the selection of an uncut stone, sourced direct from the mines, and is nurtured by passion, precision and excellence all the way through the process, to your finger.


Each rough diamond is hand-selected for its individual characteristics, before it is cut and polished in-house by the highly-skilled team of Shimansky master diamond cutters and polishers. The art of polishing and shaping diamonds is a precise and exact science, and requires years of experience to master. The Shimansky diamond cutters are able to transform rough diamonds into exquisite creations of fire, like tiny natural miracles that take place in our factories every day.




Like the earth from which it is formed, a rough diamond belies its true nature; it can appear cloudy, its angles asymmetrical. But to the skilled eye of a Shimansky master craftsman, the beauty within this stone is unmistakable.


At Shimansky we often say that a diamond in its rough form has potential. Its size is simply a promise of what it may become. Only in the hands of a master craftsman does a diamond realise its true potential. Using state-of-the-art technology, the rough diamond is analyzed and skillfully marked so as to yield the highest yield possible, sacrificing size for the quality. We believe that perfection takes time – and we never rush to take a diamond’s journey to the very end.


Quality Assurance


Design and craft | Shimansky


Shimansky diamonds – together with all our unique jewelry designs – are continually assessed throughout the process of creation to ensure the highest quality.


With over two decades of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry, Shimansky has perfected the art of creating beautiful, individual jewelry masterpieces, and has achieved a class of its own in this regard.


With every step completed with meticulous attention to detail and continual quality checks, the Shimansky Quality Assurance covers the authenticity of the hand-selected diamonds and metals, as stated on your Certificate of Authenticity, for life. You can read more about the certificates that come with your purchase here.


A Shimansky creation only shows its true value and potential when it is worn by the one it was meant for. We believe that our creations need to be seen and experienced in real life, to be properly appreciated for what they are. And then finding that magical design, that one that speaks directly to your heart, is just like falling in love again – in a way that we will never be able to understand.


From a rough diamond and a design idea, all the way through the extraordinary process of expert crafting, to a finished creation of great beauty – every step of this jewelry process is completed in-house at Shimansky, to ensure that the very best work is realized. Our start-to-finish approach is the unique philosophy that drives us to deliver the highest standards of excellence.