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2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions


The latest jewelry trends are giving you a large variety of options, but subtlety is not one of them – whether for everyday wear, special occasions or even when it comes to the latest wedding jewelry trends. This year’s trends are tinged with playfulness – from stacking rings and statement earrings to layered jewelry and heart shapes. And while the Pantone color of the year 2019 – a fiery hot coral Pantone – complements yellow- and rose gold perfectly, there are a myriad of ways to be on trend and elegant this season.


We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom where our consultants will be happy to guide you in creating an on-trend look.


Let’s explore some of the hottest jewelry trends for 2019.


2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions | Shimansky


Shades of Coral With Diamonds


The color living coral, a shade of pinkish orange with a golden undertone, has been named the Pantone color of the year 2019. This life-affirming color, inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful aquatic wonders, will form the foundation of fashion and jewelry trends this year.


When it comes to shades of coral and the latest trends in jewelry, similar warm tones – as those found in rose- and yellow gold – illuminate the mind with a range of possibilities. Add to these shimmering golden hues the ultimate gift of nature – a diamond – and you have the perfect combination of elements to create an on-trend must-have: a Shimansky creation radiating with the same tones as found in the hot coral color Pantone of the year. Shades of coral combined with diamonds? We predict this eye-catching look to be a huge trend in 2019.


Stacking Rings


Stacking rings are all the rage this season, especially since pictures of Meghan Markle’s stacked rings made headlines late last year. Actress Kaley Cuoco has also been seen displaying this trend. Her engagement ring featuring a 2.5ct princess-cut diamond in a halo setting is flanked by two diamond eternity bands, one on either side, which has made stacked wedding rings a firm favorite among brides who are interested in trending bridal jewelry.


2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions | Shimansky


How To Wear Stacked Rings


Stacking rings create a trendy look that makes for a very good statement piece. Although it is popular to combine different elements, it is recommended to choose a focal point to center your stack as this will create a planned, unified look. One of the most popular styles when it comes to stacking wedding rings is choosing an engagement ring with a center diamond that expands over the sides of the band, like our rose gold My Girl Halo ring. This allows the wedding band (or bands) to partially lie underneath the center stone, which creates a cohesive look.


Another popular ring stacking style is choosing an engagement ring with a band that already creates a stacked appearance, like our Evolym Ring. Pairing this intricate style engagement ring with a simple wedding band allows you to wear fewer pieces of jewelry, but gives the illusion of multiple bands.


For many years it has been tradition to pair rings made with the same color metal with each other. But, this year, you don’t necessarily have to stick to tradition. The stacking trend lends itself to the mixing of metals. For example, you can add a pop of color and create a look that is all your own by wearing rose gold stacking rings on either side of a platinum engagement ring.

Colored Gemstones


Colored gemstones are making a big comeback this year – not only for bridal collection, but for anniversary rings, dress rings and statement rings too. Precious stones that adorn the fashion-forward woman’s fingers include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite and, of course, exquisite colored diamonds, such as the radiating Fancy Yellow diamond. Colored gemstones are becoming more and more popular in wedding bands too, as they are used as a way to bring eye-catching color to the ring set.


2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions | Shimansky


Statement Earrings


Fashion and jewelry trends for 2019 put a lot of emphasis on statement earrings. No matter how you define your personal taste, there's a take on 2019’s earring trends that will complement your unique style.


You don’t have to be outrageously bold to be on trend. Drop earrings with high sparkle, like our Marquise Shaped Diamond Drop Earrings, crafted with claw set diamonds weighing 1.97ct in total, will create an edgy, yet sophisticated on-trend look.


The Starlight Heart Earring set is another design that will make a statement. Crafted with 122 round brilliant cut micro set diamonds totaling 0.96ct, this shimmering set has a magnetizing effect. Expertly set in 18K rose gold, the Starlight Heart Earrings will complement any garment in the shades of coral color spectrum. Their lustrous sparkle, together with their iconic heart shape, which is also making a big comeback in 2019, is destined to make these rose gold statement earrings a must-have this season.


Heavy hoop earrings are another on-trend choice. Although this jewelry staple never goes out of style, we are seeing a few tweaks to the look every season. In 2019, this timeless style is taking on a bolder shape, making it impossible to miss. Putting our own spin on the trend, we are opting for the shimmering hoop instead of the heavy, bulky one, as diamonds simply cannot be missed. The Shimansky Halo Drop Earrings featuring a micro set diamond hoop with claw set Fancy Yellow diamonds, surrounded by a dazzling halo of micro set round brilliant cut diamonds, is the perfect pair to rock this extravagant trend. Alternatively, a pair of My Girl Hoops will do the trick. These exquisite diamond hoops are crafted with 18 hand-selected My Girl diamonds exclusive to Shimansky, weighing 1.81ct in total. These magnificent creations will certainly make a statement.


2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions | Shimansky


Layered Jewelry


The more-is-more approach in the latest jewelry trends is not only evident in stacked rings but can also be seen in the layered necklace >and stacked bracelet look. When it comes to stacking necklaces and bracelets, the latest trend encourages simple and delicate pieces, allowing you to incorporate mixed metals or mixes stones.


Layering jewelry can be a great way of creating a fashionable appearance that is unique and true to your personal style as it offers so much freedom and so many options. We have some guidelines on how to layer jewelry to achieve a sophisticated, elegant look.


2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions | Shimansky


How To Layer Necklaces and Bracelets


The rules for layering necklaces and pendants allow you the freedom to either vary the colors and types of diamonds, or the colors and types of metals. For example, a rose gold layered necklace set may have pieces containing white- and yellow diamonds, while a layered pendant set with yellow-, rose- and white gold chains will present best with only one type of stone, such as white diamonds.


Similar to necklaces and pendants, layering or stacking your bracelets need a common element among the layers. For example, when stacking diamond bracelets, it is perfectly appropriate to pair the sophisticated Double Row Bracelet with the Fancy Yellow My Girl Bracelet. Although the two bracelets feature both white- and yellow diamonds, they share a common element – the dazzling My Girl diamond cut. Following the same principle, the Double Row Bracelet crafted in rose gold will pair perfectly with the Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K white gold, since both pieces contain white diamonds in a similar shape and cut.


Celestial Jewelry


The stars have aligned for 2019’s jewelry trends with the return of celestial jewelry as a fashion favorite. From orbital cocktail rings to sunburst crescents and layered spherical earrings, this ethereal trend has the ability to transform any outfit into something quite spectacular. The Shimansky Star Burst Diamond Earrings, meticulously crafted with Fancy Yellow diamonds shining as bright as the African sun, is a stylish and elegant interpretation of this trend.


2019 Jewelry Trends and Predictions | Shimansky


Find The Look That Suits Your Style


With our extensive range of expertly crafted and iconic diamond creations, you can master 2019’s jewelry trends. We invite you to visit your nearest Shimansky showroom for a consultation. Our jewelry experts will be happy to guide you in the latest diamond jewelry trends and finding a contemporary style and look that suits your personality.


To add a personal touch to your jewelry, Shimansky offers a free engraving service. Engraved rings, engraved necklaces and engraved bracelets with a special message on the inside add a layer of depth and meaning to what they represent. Whether you are shopping for an engagement, wedding, anniversary or a special occasion, an engraved designer diamond jewelry creation will be treasured now, and for years to come.


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