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New York Fashion Week 2019 Jewelry

New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Everyone knows, fashion on the runway dictates future trends. So of course, we took note of this week’s New York Fashion Week trends. And the stand-out trend of the week is clear – big, dramatic earrings are back. Classic hoops and elegant necklaces have dominated the accessory scene for quite some time now. But next spring, make way for statement oversized diamond earrings. From drop earrings to colorful statement pieces, New York Fashion Week jewelry trends introduce high-end accessories that are extremely bold and unapologetically playful.


As international designers come together and introduce their Spring/Summer 2020 collections on the runway, in showcases, and at gala spectaculars, one thing is clear; statement earrings are about to do all the talking. Large earrings, statement earrings and even colorful earrings have proven to be one of the top New York Fashion Week jewelry trends about to reach new heights. Discover why you should be getting your own unique pair of earrings today:

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

New York Fashion Week Has Bling It On


As the shows in New York are slowly winding down, fashion professionals, journalists and influencers are gearing up for shows in Paris, London and Milan. They take with them the knowledge that during NYFW, many of the world’s biggest fashion brands sent their models, including Miss South Africa 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, down the runway wearing over-the-top statement style earrings. From color diamonds to oversized drop earrings, this bold trend is about to catch on fire. Here’s why we can’t get enough of New York Fashion Week’s earrings trends and why we think it’s here to stay:

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Drop Earrings


The longer, the better. Showcase your inner playfulness and beautiful style with an extra-long diamond jewelry earrings piece. During the New York fashion week, earrings were kept extra-long, with a unique boldness added to the design. Drop earrings are the perfect balance between a statement piece and an elegant, yet timeless design, and were best seen at Brandon Maxwell and Ralph Lauren – that red sequin look worn by Bella Hadid is the most iconic version.

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Hoop Earrings


Hoop earrings almost never go out of fashion, just ask Tommy Hilfiger. This season, we get to experience a new take on hoop earrings. Spring/Summer 2020 jewelry trends introduce a more over-the-top and bold statement piece, debuting fine South African metals such as white, rose or yellow gold, and inspired by the disco 70s.

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Color Diamond Earrings


Who doesn’t love to add a bit of color to their outfit? This fall/winter 2019 jewelry trends will include oversized earring and colorful diamonds. One of the most popular examples on the runway was Moschino, where fashion designer Jeremy Scott proved once again that “more is more”. During the showcase of the latest fashion, models walked the runway wearing massive gemstones in every color possible. The color to look out for this season is most certainly green and blue. The two colors have a remarkable way of complimenting one another. One thing is for sure, nothing elevates an outfit quite like a beautiful pair of designer earrings.   

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Statement Earrings


This fall it’s all about being spontaneous and courageous when it comes to diamond jewelry. Let your diamond earrings do the talking like Tadashi Shoji did in his S/S 20 show this week. From yellow to rose gold, Shimansky offers beautiful designs, which perfectly suits each unique personality and style. Follow the New York Fashion Week jewelry trends and display a pair of earrings that make a statement. View our exclusive design here.

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Tanzanite Earrings


Considering color is all the rage this season, add a bit of Mother Nature’s most precious gemstone, tanzanite for color. With only one known source in the world, a tanzanite is predicted to be depleted within 8-10 years. The gemstone’s rare beauty radiated three different colors from each of its crystallographic axes: blue, violet and burgundy. 1000 times rarer than a diamond, tanzanite jewelry is considered both valuable and coveted. 

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Halo Earrings


Another thing we can take from Tommy Hilfiger’s 70s-inspired collection is there’s nothing quite as ‘groovy’ as a pair of earrings. Come day or night, diamond earring remains one of the best jewelry accessories to date. Add more sparkle to your center diamond to create an added effect to your overall look. Just another tip we picked up from New York fashion week jewelry trends.

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Single Diamond Earrings


This might come as surprise but wearing a single diamond drop earring is predicted to become a massive trend in the spring/summer 2020. Wearing one earring is a great way to add more sparkle to your outfit, while displaying something artistically beautiful. See how the supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Irina Shayk did it at Oscar de la Renta S/S 20.

 New York Fashion Week Earrings | Shimansky

Be playful with your metals


New York Fashion Week trends include being more playful, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different metals. Build your earrings collection with diamond designs featuring some of South Africa’s finest precious metals. Our diamond experts will be able to guide you along the way.


When it comes to New York Fashion Week jewelry trends we’re ready to embrace next spring and let our earrings to all the talking.


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