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Do You Really Need An Engagement Ring In 2020?

Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful moments two people will ever share. Although engagement customs are not universal, there is one tradition that has become cemented in many cultures: the giving of a diamond engagement ring to the bride-to-be. Worn to symbolize love and the promise of commitment, an engagement ring is the most meaningful piece of jewelry a person will ever receive. Yet, many modern women opt not to wear an engagement ring at all, keeping things simple with just a wedding band. While every bride-to-be has the right to decide for herself, there are so many things that make wearing a diamond engagement ring so special. Here are five reasons to proudly wear an engagement ring.


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reasons to wear an engagement ring in 2019 | Shimansky 


1. A Beautiful Symbol of Love


Diamonds have been a universal symbol of eternal love and commitment for centuries. The Greeks believed that Cupid, the god of desire, affection and love, has diamond tipped arrows with a magic power to draw two people together. They also believed that the fire in a diamond reflects the inextinguishable flame of love. Given to a loved one as a promise of commitment, a diamond engagement ring is one of the most profound expressions of love.


Just as pure as your love, Shimansky engagement rings are crafted with the purest of precious metals, including platinum, palladium and gold. An engagement ring in yellow gold or white gold, even rose gold, contains a mixture of gold and other alloys. The choice of alloys gives the piece its distinctive color – whether it is yellow-toned, bright white or a dreamy pinkish shade. Shimansky’s range of gold engagement rings are crafted with 18k gold, which contains 75% of the precious metal – a high level of purity fit for a symbol of love.


2. A Token of Commitment


The symbol for eternity and completion, the circle, has a long-standing history as a meaningful representation of the promise of a lifelong commitment. Worn as a betrothal symbol, an engagement ring is the most powerful expression of commitment. It communicates to the world that her heart belongs to someone and that someone has committed himself to a lifelong partnership with her that will last in sickness and in health. The ring conveys an unquestionable loyalty, uncompromising love, and the prospect of a life shared.


 reasons to wear an engagement ring in 2019 | Shimansky


3. A Physical Reminder of the Special Moment

Worn on the fourth finger on the left hand, a diamond engagement ring is a constant, physical reminder of a significant memory – the moment of proposal. It captures and preserves the memory of when she said “yes,” allowing her to relive the special moment over and over again.


At Shimansky, we understand the importance of those special moments and milestones in couples’ lives. This is why every mesmerizing Shimansky jewelry creation is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The perfectly crafted finished product has the magic to take her to that special moment, every time its sparkle catches her eye.


 reasons to wear an engagement ring in 2019 | Shimansky


4. A Precious Heirloom


Nothing says “forever” quite like a diamond. Consisting of pure carbon, a diamond is the strongest material known to man. The word “diamond” is derived from the Greek word “Adamas,” which means “invincible,” “unconquerable,” “unalterable” or “unbreakable”. Just like your devotion, a diamond cannot be broken, making it the most symbolic and enduring option for an engagement ring. Apart from being virtually indestructible, a diamond’s beauty will never fade. A diamond engagement ring will not only symbolize your unbreakable bond forever. This timeless treasure will last well beyond your lifetime and will be passed down from generation to generation as a precious heirloom.


 reasons to wear an engagement ring in 2019 | Shimansky


5. A Trendy Fashion Statement


A Shimansky engagement ring says as much about the person wearing it as it does about its creator. Iconic by design and highly sought-after all over the world, Shimansky engagement rings are masterly crafted to make a statement. The existence of every Shimansky creation owes itself to founder, designer and creator, Yair Shimansky. A leader in innovation and legendary for meticulous craft, Shimansky handpicks every diamond himself to ensure your engagement ring exceeds your every expectation.


Equally important to the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of a diamond is the fifth C – Confidence. There is so much more to a diamond than its physical properties – and at the heart of every diamond is a story. Knowing that you are buying your diamond through a reputable jeweler and that the diamond was sourced ethically allows you to wear your diamond engagement ring with confidence.


Shimansky jewelry is world-renowned for their unparalleled quality and incomparable beauty – from the patented Millennium collection and the innovative Evolym design to the classic My Girl diamond collection. Wearing a Shimansky diamond engagement ring is not only a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment, but a testament to technical precision and craftsmanship that inspire elegance and confidence.


 wearing an engagement ring in 2019 | Shimansky


Find a Diamond Engagement Ring That Speaks to Your Heart


Just like finding the love of your life, finding the perfect diamond engagement ring to express your love is a thrilling experience. Shimansky’s collection of diamond engagement rings and matching wedding bands for him and her are a promise of a lifelong partnership. Whether you are in search of a flashy diamond engagement ring like Jennifer Lawrence’s or something more understated, we have the ring that will speak to your heart.


Contrary to the popular belief that the cost of an engagement ring should be three months’ salary, we believe that nothing is set in stone when it comes to forever jewelry. Our consultants will be delighted to guide you in finding an engagement ring that reflects your enduring love, regardless your price range. We invite you to visit the Shimansky 5th Avenue showroom where you can view our range of spectacular diamond engagement rings at your leisure, or schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation.

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